• 1. The applicant must have had work publicly performed.
  • 2. The applicant must not have received any of the following awards at Yokohama Dance Collection in the past:
    • Jury Prize (from 2011 on)
    • French Embassy Prize for Young Choreographer
    • Yokohama Prize for a Brilliant Future (formerly the Yokohama Arts/Cultural Foundation Prize)

Requirements for the Work Submitted with the Application

  • 1. The performance must last no more than 20 minutes.
  • 2. Works using expressive techniques restricted under Japanese law cannot be accepted.
  • 3. Applications presenting works previously performed at Yokohama Dance Collection are not permitted.
  • 4. Each applicant (an individual or group) can submit only one work.
  • 5. There are no restrictions on the number of roles in the work (solo, duo or group)

How to apply

【 Website 】

  • Fill in the application form on the website to apply.
  • Zip the files into a folder(1st page of application form (PDF or Word), photograph, video of the work being submitted and any other required materials)
  • Upload the Zip folder to an online storage site.
  • Fill in the downloadable link on your application from.

【 Send by post 】

Send all materials (application form, photograph, video of the work being submitted and other required materials.)

Materials to be submitted

Note that if there are problems with the materials submitted, your application will be rejected. Application materials cannot be returned.

  • 1. Application form
    Application From Download (PDF)
    Application From Download (Word)
  • 2. One portrait photograph of the choreographer
    The file name for the photograph should take the format "Choreographer’s name"
    (If submitting your application by postal mail or by hand, write "Choreographer’s name" the back of the photograph.)
    * Permission for use of the photograph must be received from the photographer. If you are selected as a finalist, your photograph will be used in flyers and other publicity materials.)
  • 3. Profile of the individual choreographer
    For the Competition I application as a group or company, a profile of each of the choreographers is required.
  • 4. Video of the work being submitted
    • Video data should be in mp4 or avi format.
    • The video submitted for the preliminary judging must be of the same work that would be performed at Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse No1.
    • Use the name of the choreographer as the file name for the video file. Do not use the title of the work as the file name.
    • The video should minimize the use of special visual effects possible in video art.
    • The file uploaded or Video data must contain only one work, which must comply with the time limit stated above.
  • 5. A copy of either a flyer or a performance contract related to a previous performance of a work you have choreographed.
  • 6. Technical Sheet (if the following conditions apply)
    For the final performance, there will be limitations the time required for setting up the staging and for rehearsals.
    If there are technically complex elements in the performance of the work you are submitting, please submit a detailed technical sheet separately.

Competition Ⅰ Performance


Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse No. 1, 3rd Floor Hall

  • 1. Size of stage: 9.9 m wide by 10.8 m deep by 4.5 m high
  • 2. Staging:
    Floor: Black linoleum
    Wing curtains: 5 pairs (black)
    Back curtain: Choice of a large black horizontal curtain (also can serve as a screen) or the red brick wall

Download Stage Plan

Please note that the venue and staging for the performance are subject to change.

Competition Ⅰ Prize and Jury


Jury Prize

Opportunity to perform at the Prize’s Performance at Yokohama Dance Collection

¥400,000 prize (a grant to subsidize creative activities)

French Embassy Prize for Young Choreographer

About 3 months of residency in France


Right to compete at the International Contemporary Dance Festival MASDANZA in Spain

FITS Prize

Opportunity to perform at FITS in Romania


Okami Sae(Dance Critic)
Kitamura Akiko(Choreographer, Dancer, Associate Professor of Shinshu University)
Kondo Ryohei(Director of CONDORS, Choreographer, Dancer)
Tada Junnosuke (Director, Artistic Director of TOKYO DEATHLOCK)
Hamano Fumio(Senior Editor, Shinshokan Dance Magazine)
Samson Sylvain (Cultural attaché of the French Embassy)
Xavier Person(Director of the French Institute of Japan-Yokohama)
Aymar Crosnier(Deputy General Director of the Centre national de la danse)

*The judges will include dance experts in a variety of fields at each countries.

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