“Quiet Storm for Four Musicians” Post-performance live information

Yokohama Dance Collection 2018
“Quiet Storm for Four Musicians” Post-performance live of “Parade for the End of the World”


“Quiet Storm for Four Musicians”

Saturday, February 17, 2018
・Reception opens: 18:30
・Door opens: 18:45
・Live starts: 19:00
 *The live is scheduled after the presentation of “Parade for the End of the World.”

 Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse No.1 3rd Floor Hall,

 Shibuya Keiichiro(Piano / Electronics)
 Nakamura Toshimaru(No Input Mixing Board)
 Peter Knight(Trumpet / Electronics)
 Joe Talia(Percussion / Electronics)

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  ATAK/Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse No.1 [Yokohama Arts Foundation]

  2,000 JPY

・You must have a valid ticket (any date) of “Parade for the End of the World;”Or officially registered with TPAM 2018
・One reservation per person and the availability is limited

 Fill out the forms in English and write us whether you have a valid ticket of “Parade…” or a TPAM 2018 official pass.

 ※You must present your valid ticket of “Parade…” or TPAM 2018 pass registered to you with a confirmation from us via email sent to you at the reception when you claim your ticket to the live. We accept CASH ONLY.

1. You may not enter to the live without a confirmation sent from us via email to you; AND your valid ticket of“Parade…” or TPAM 2018 pass registered to you.
2. The program may be subject to change without prior notice; and we are not liable for any expense caused by it including but not limited to transportation, accommodation.
3.Please follow the instruction of the theatre staff on the day of the live performance.

For further information or Question, please mail to Yokohama Dance Collection Office