The Third HOTPOT East Asia Dance Platform

  The HOTPOT East Asia Dance Platform was launched as a collaborative effort from City Contemporary Dance Festival (Hong Kong, China), Seoul International Dance Festival (South Korea), and Yokohama Dance Collection(Japan)—three festivals dedicated to nurturing and promoting dance artists in East Asia—bringing together their collective experience, expertise, and international networks. Encounters and conversations at the first and second iterations of HOTPOT (held in Hong Kong in November 2017 and in Seoul in October 2018, respectively) have led to a range of new opportunities for many East Asian dance artists, including performances and coproductions around the world.
  Each year, the international dance community has shown a growing interest in the latest developments in East-Asian choreographic works and how they crystalize the dynamism that comes from the different lifestyles, traditions, histories, and cultural backgrounds, as well as the reality of societies in constant flux, in regions as diverse as their hot pot dishes. Like its previous iterations, over a hundred dance presenters (such as directors and producers of theaters and festivals) from Japan and abroad will participate in the third edition of HOTPOT held in Yokohama to attend performance program, and also to take advantage of the networking opportunities on offer to connect with dance artists, producers, and other dance professionals from East Asia. This edition of HOTPOT will also be organizing a series of conversations in collaboration with TPAM – Performing Arts Meeting in Yokohama 2020 (TPAM2020) and Asia Network for Dance (AND+).
  The third HOTPOT East Asia Dance Platform will be held in Yokohama in February 2020, aiming to further deepen the creative collaboration between East Asian dance artists and the international dance community.

  • 2.11 [thu] – 16 [sun]
@Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse No.1, ZOU-NO HANA TERRACE

●Choreographers featured from Japan
Kasai Mitsutake×Suzuki Yukio
Kurata Midori
Kogure Kaho
Shimaji Yasutake×Tamaki ROY
Shiraga Momoko

●Choreographers featured from China
4–5 works to be selected from the Beijing Dance Festival “China Dance Stations” program held in July.
●Choreographers featured from South Korea
4–5 works to be selected from the Seoul International Dance Festival (SIDance) “Who’s Next” program held in October.

Yokohama Dance Collection 2020
[Date] Friday 31 January ~ Sunday16 February, 2020
[Date] Saturday 8~Sunday16 February, 2020

The Secound HOTPOT East Asia Dance Platform
(Seoul, South Korea)

Date: 7~13 October, 2018
Venue:KOCCA Multi Content Testbed、Jayu Theater Seoul Arts Cente

Choreographers featured from Japan

Photo:Sawako Wada

『Fall asleep someday whispering MONGORI』
Performance:Yokoyama Ayano、Takahashi Moto、KENTARO!!


Pijin Neji
『Purgative Rhythm Mix』
Choreography:Pijin Neji
Performance:Yanchi、Pijin Neji


Choreography:Okuno Miwa
Performance:Suzuki Kiyotaka, Nagaya Kota, Kurosu Ikumi,
Matsuno Nozom, Okuno Miwa

  • Soo d Art & Co 『Terminal』Choreography:Soodong Jung
  • GOBLIN PARTY 『Silver Knife』Choreography:GOBLIN PARTY
  • KIM Bora & T.H.E Second Company 『The Seasons』(Singapore・South Korea) Choreography:Bora Kim
  • S.S.Ro dance group 『0』Choreography:Sunglul Park, Youngmi Ha
  • MAHOLRA COMPANY 『Sinawi (harmony in disharmony)』 Choreography:Jaeseung Kim
  • Kim jin-a 『[sal]』 Choreography:Kim jin-a
  • LIM SET BYEOL 『HELLO』 Choreography:Setbyeol Lim
  • Company SIGA 『HaeTaL』 Choreography:Jihyeong An
  • Stella & Artists 『The World Was Once Flat』(Hong Kong・Macau)Choreography:Joseph Lee、Lawrence Lau
  • Hugh CHO 『Gone Wu』(Hong Kong)Choreography:Hugh CHO
  • Good Dance Center 『?』(Namzningz)Choreography:HUNG Chun-jun
  • Kabala Dance Theatre 『Street Corner』(Yinchuan)Choreography:XU Yi-ming
  • Kim-Sanh Châu 『Kaleidoscope』(Vietnam)Choreography:Kim-Sanh Châu
  • Hemabharathy Palani 『Trikonanga』(India)Choreography:Hemabharathy Palani
  • Hsu Chen Wei Dance Company 『Being not being』(Taiwan)Choreography:Hsu Chen Wei

The First HOTPOT East Asia Dance Platform
(Hong Kong、China)

Date: 22~26 November, 2017
Venue:The Multi-media Theatre, HKICC Lee ShauKeeSchool, Hong Kong Arts Centre

Choreographers featured from Japan


Choreography:Seki Kaori
Performance:Kitamura Shiki, Goto Yu, Koyama Masashi,
Suzuki Kiyotaka, Yabuki Yui ,Yamada Kano, Seki Kaori

Photo:Hatori Naoshi

Choreography:Un Yamada
Performance:Jo Toshihiko, Kawai Llon, Kihara Kota,
Koyama Masashi, Sakai Naoyuki


Kimura Reina
『born somewhere, live somewhere』
Choreography:Kimura Reina
Performance:Endo Ryounosuke, Sato Ariha, Shigesato Miho,
Tazoe Mikio, Kimura Reina

Choreographers featured from the Greater China Region

  • Chien Lin-Yi 『Jo』(Taiwan)Choreography:Chien Lin-Yi
  • HUNG DANCE 『Watchere』(Taiwan)Choreography:Hung-Chung Lai
  • Liu Yen-Cheng 『Tschüss!!』(Taiwan)Choreography:Liu Yen-Cheng
  • Hsu Chen Wei Dance Company 『The Sacrifice of Roaring』(Taiwan)Choreography:Hsu Chen Wei
  • Albert Garcia 『Four legs is good, two legs is better 』(Macau) Choreography:Albert Garcia
  • Claudia Lou, Mira Lao 『Flux 』(Macau) Choreography:Claudia Lou, Mira Lao
  • Kelvin Mak 『The product of』 (Hong Kong) Choreography:Kelvin Mak
  • ERGAO DANCE PRODUCTION GROUP 『Limb Clock』(Guangzhou) Choreography:Er Gao

Choreographers featured from South Korea

  • LEE K.Dance Company 『Mind-Goblin』 Choreography:Lee Kyung-eun
  • MELANCHOLY DANCE COMPANY 『Flight』 Choreography:Jeong Cheolin
  • Choi Young-hyun 『Silentium』 Choreography:Choi Young-hyun
  • ART PROJECT BORA 『Tail Language』 Choreography:Kim Bora
  • AMBIGUOUS DANCE COMPANY 『Body Concert』 Choreography:Kim Bo-Ram