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20th Anniversary Special Performances

Two Yokohama Dance Collection winners have been chosen to recreate their performances to help us celebrate our 20th anniversary.
The re-creation of these “Live, now!” works will adorn the start of our twentieth year. These works will also mark important anniversaries for the choreographers, demonstrating the power of their creative visions.

January 31(SAT) 19:00
Feburary 1(SUN) 16:00

Doors open 30 minutes before
All seats are unreserved

Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse No.1, 3F Hall

¥4,300 (Students:¥3,300)
*Advance sale is ¥500 discount.

Co.Yamada Un  "one◆piece"

It has been ten years since this work was first performed in 2005 at Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse No.1. This famous work, which has toured worldwide and has been performed by such female dancers as 2009 prize winner Maki TABATA and 2012 prize winner Kaori SEKI, has been now been reworked for male dancers.

Choreography・Direction: Un YAMADA
Music: Satoru WONO
Dancer: Yuhei ARA, LIon KAWAI, Kota KIHARA, Masashi KOYAMA, Naoyuki SAKAI,
Toshihiko JO, Toru HASEGAWA
Costume: Yuko IKEDA (Luna Luz)
Sound: Chikako EZAWA
Cooperation: Toshiko UEHARA(Co.Yamada Un)

    【The French Embassy Prize for Young Choreographer (2000)】

    After learned apparatus gymnastics, classical ballet, and butoh, she started her career as a choreographer in 1996. Since 1998, she’s been performing as a solo dancer as well. She brings out her dance works based on versatile resources such as music, arts, literature, academic subjects, fashion, and various bodies. She established her dance company in Tokyo in 2002. She performed in Japan, Europe, Asia, and Middle East, and did some collaboration works with the fields of music, drama, opera, arts, academic, traditional local performing arts. She organized workshops targeting any person, and got involved in cultivating dancers in Asia and Middle East. She won the best prize in the 8th Japan Dance Forum Award in 2014.

  • Yuhei ARA
    Born in Aomori prefecture, Japan. He performed in the works of Makotocluv, Kaori SEKI and Nukapara! and actively works on his solo works. He acts as a workshop leader at special-needs classes of elementary schools and at facilities for mentally-retarded children.
  • Yuhei ARA
  • Naoyuki SAKAI
    Born in Saitama prefecture, Japan. He graduated from the Department of Performing Arts, Tamagawa University College of Arts. He creates and performs various works of solos, duos and so on at smaller spaces in Tokyo. He won the Ahodori Prize (2nd prize) at the Condors Choreography Competition in November, 2013.
  • Naoyuki SAKAI
  • Llon KAWAI
    Born in Saitama prefecture, Japan. He graduated from the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Waseda University. He performed domestically and internationally with <Co. Yamada Un> as well as other choreographers such as Shuji ONODERA, Akiko KITAMURA, Yukio SUZUKI, and Fumiyo IKEDA. He also works as a workshop assistant and choreographs for a puppet theater.
  • Llon KAWAI
  • Toshihiko JO
    Born in Fukuoka prefecture, Japan. He graduated from School of Art and Design, Tsukuba University, majoring the Program in Communication Art and Design. He performed in the works of Motoko HIRAYAMA, Mari NATSUKI etc.He uses his versatile talents of designing stage, video and goods in <Co. Yamada Un>. He acts as a leader of workshops for children held nationwide.
  • Toshihiko JO
  • Kota KIHARA
    Born in Shizuoka prefecture, Japan.He graduated from the Contemporary Dancing Course, Nihon University College of Art. He is a member of the Miyako KATO Dance Space. He performed in the work of Matthew Bourne and worked with Dance Unit <Santai>. He won a lot of grand prizes in competitions in Japan. He was invited by MODAFE2014 in Seoul to perform. He premiered his first solo performance "Pegasus" in July, 2014.
  • Kota KIHARA
    Born in Kanagawa prefecture, Japan. He graduated from the Department of Performing Arts, Tamagawa University College of Arts. He performs not only as a dancer in his solo works and the works of <FUJIYAMAANNETTE>, but also as an actor, a musician, and a Japanese drum player for <Tokyo Dageki Dan>. He has a lot of experiences in the workshop ‘Dance x Drum’ held for elementary schools.
  • Masashi KOYAMA
    Born in Chiba prefecture, Japan. After he studied international business in the US and worked for a company in Japan, he became a dancer. He performs in different choreographers' works and creates his solo and collaboration works.
  • Masashi KOYAMA

Kaori ITO "SoloS"

Physically demanding and uniquely creative, this work was created in collaboration with choreographers from around the world: Philippe DECOUFLE, Angelin PRELJOCAJ, James THIERREE, Alain PLATEL, and Sidi Larbi CHERKAOUI. It has since been frequently performed at venues including the Marseilles National Theater in 2009.

Choreography・Direction: Kaori ITO
Music: Guillaume PERRET
Lighting Design: Christophe GRELIÉ
Assistant: Gabriel WONG
Animation: Kori ITO
Production: Kaori ITO / Florence FRANCISCO, Emmanuelle RAULT

  • Kaori ITO
    【Yokohama Arts Foundation Prize (2002)】
    【National Consultative Commmitte Prize (2004)】

    Started learning classical ballet at the age of five. After studying at the State University of New York Purchase College, she finished a degree in sociology and pedagogy at Rikkyo University in Tokyo. She has worked with many world-class choreographers such as Philippe DECOUFLE "Iris", Angelin PRELJOCAJ, James THIERREE, Sidi Larbi CHERKAOUI "The house of Sleeping beauties" by Guy CASSIERS and Alain PLATEL "Out of Context". She received the first prize of the choregraphic competition "(Re) Connaissance" in Frace with her own piece "Island of no memories" and also received the 5th Japan Dance Forum Award in 2011.She created "ASOBI" with <les ballets c de la b> in Belgium and performed it at Dance New Air 2014 in Tokyo. She co-worked to create and perform "Yumé" with Yoshi OIDA in 2014.

  • Kaori ITO
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Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse No.1
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