Yokohama Dance Collection 2021 Open for Application of the Competition

YDC was launched as a choreography competition in 1996, providing an international platform for dance in Japan. To date, it has featured over 400 finalists. These choreographers confront society and the other, the body and artistic expression, and even now continue to develop their work in a variety of directions, both at home and abroad. This competition is a place for choreographers, dancers, and other artists to pursue composition, direction, and technique in dance, and to challenge themselves to new possibilities of artistic expression. It also serves as a platform for artistic dialogue and exchange. Choreography is a practice that reconsiders humanity by way of exploring the connections between the body and society. In this time of constant change, it will become more and more important to foster solidarity between artists, as well as ties with dance communities local, domestic, and abroad. Yokohama Dance Collection announces its open call for applications for its 26th edition in hopes that it will carve out new horizons for creation.

【Open Call for the Competition I 】
Wednesday 3 June → Monday 27 July, 2020
Applications accepted via online from only.