Nacera Belaza’s workshop

“Inhabiting the body / Transcending the body”

  • 12.14 [Thu] 18:30
© compagnie Nacera Belaza

Participation fee: 3,000Yen
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Admission fee (viewing only): 500Yen
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During the workshop, Nacera speaks through a Japanese interpreter.
Duration:about 2 hours

“Inhabiting the body / Transcending the body”
(text by Nacera Belaza)

It will be a matter of subtracting the body from the mind in order to free it from its many limitations. Using the imagination as a vehicle for consciousness, it is led to circulate freely in and out of the body, linking it to everything around it. During this workshop, everyone is required to highlight their own functioning, habits, resistances and projections in order to free themselves from them. I believe that dance is a powerful tool for knowledge and emancipation, enabling us to achieve greater freedom by exploring human nature in depth.

During this workshop I’d also like to explore two fundamental notions in my work: the circle and rhythm. It will be a question of studying them and combining them so that a new language emerges.

© Isabelle Lévy Lehmann

Nacera Belaza

Born in Médéa, Algeria, Belaza immigrated to France at the age of 5. After studying literature at university, she embarked on a self-taught exploration of dance. In 1989, she founded her own company and developed a unique choreographic style that infuses minimal movements, such as spirals, with a sense of spirituality reminiscent of rituals, focused on the inner journey of choreography. As a dancer and choreographer, she has received high acclaim both nationally and internationally. In 2015, she was awarded the Chevalier de l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres by the French Ministry of Culture. She has toured across Europe, America, Africa, and Asia, leaving a strong impression in Japan with performances such as “Le Temps scellé” and “Le Trait” in 2012, as well as “Les Oiseaux” and “La Traversée” in 2014.