Movers Platform #2

Photo: LIN Yu-quan

A platform devised and directed by choreographer, dancer, and visual artist Hiroaki Umeda to propose values for choreography and dance that will connect to the next generation.
Focusing on the body influenced by the cultural and regional characteristics of the mover (dancer) who has a unique movement vocabulary, we approach the charm of the movement itself. This showing, directed by Umeda, is comprised of each mover’s solo, duet, and synchronized group performances, after immense movement research and multiple feedback sessions with Umeda himself.

  • 12.16 [Thu] 19:00
  • 12.17 [Fri] 19:00
  • 12.18 [Sat] 19:00
  • Director:Umeda Hiroaki
  • Movers:Otsuka Ikumi,Nakamura Yuki,Hayashida Kairi,YULI,Livier Tu,Pobo HUNG,Siko Setyanto,Daria Mikhaylyuk
  • Planning and production:S20,east
  • Co-production:Kinosaki International Arts Center(Toyooka City)
  • Cooperation:Thinkers’Studio (Taiwan), The Dance Centre (Canada), Dan[s]ity (Indonesia)

Umeda Hiroaki

Choreographer, dancer, visual artist. From 2000, he began developing his own multi-disciplinary expression method that freely integrates an array of dance methods and other art fields without being bound by a specific genre. Since then, he has gained praise for his works featuring highly physical feats while making full use of technology, as well as his many performances all over the world. He has performed in more than 150 cities across 40 countries, to date. In addition to being a choreographer and dancer, he also has a hand in composition, lighting design, and stage art, and is expanding his activities as a visual artist. From April 2022, it was chosen to be a resident choreographer of Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse Number 1.