Master class for Choreographers

As a new program, we will hold a training course on compositional skills for re-creation purposes with Kitamura Akiko as facilitator and Alain Platel from Belgium and Kim Jaeduk from Korea as mentors. The program invites participants to think and exchange opinions to use as a reference for recreation. The six participating choreographers, dancers who have won awards in past competitions I and II — Hamada Junpei, Shikichi Osamu, Shimojima Reisa, Tamura Koichiro, Ito Kaori, and Nagano Yuriko, will be reencountering their works, and shown new vocabulary with which to choreograph. Kitamura Akiko has been active worldwide since forming Leni-Basso in 1994, and in recent years has been actively developing international co-production projects with artists based in Asia. In their lectures and workshops, Alain Platel and Kim Jaeduk will be presenting the essence, creative attitudes, and multi-faceted perspectives of works that captivate audiences around the world, and each will re-create their past works and perform them as work-in-progress during the remaining two days.

  • 2.14 [sun] – 2.21 [sun]
@Steep Slope Studio, Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse No.1

<Work in Progress>

  • 2.20 [sat] 17:00 Shimojima Reisa, Hamada Junpei, Shikichi Osamu
  • 2.21 [sun] 17:00 Ito Kaori, Nagano Yuriko, Tamura Koichiro
@Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse No.1 3rd floor hall

2.20 [sat]

下島礼紗『オムツを脱いだサル』 Photo Sato Mizuki

Shimojima Reisa “The Monkey without a diaper”
(YDC2017 Compeitition II Outstanding New Artist Prize, Touchpoint Art Foundation Prize for “Monkey in a diaper”)

Born in 1992, Reisa Shimojima, a native of Kagoshima Prefecture, began studying dance at the age of seven, with focus on Yosakoi dance, which is performed at festivals.
She studied contemporary dance under Kuniko Kisanuki at J. F.Oberlin University. She formed the dance company〈 KEDAGORO〉in 2013 and is responsible for the choreography and production of all its works. Based on the idea that “dance is a method for exploring the world,” she is active with the aim of meeting people, learning about the world, and creating her own ideas through her work creation. Her masterpieces “Monkey in a diaper” and “sky” have been performed at numerous festivals in Japan and overseas after their premiere at the Yokohama Dance Collection. 8th Elsur Foundation New Face Award for Contemporary Dance.

浜田純平『Esrever』 Photo_HARU GRAPHIC

Hamada Junpei “Esrever”
(YDC2016 French Embassy Prize for Young Choreographer for “Convey”)

Born in Hokkaido, Graduated from the Engineering Department at Hokkaido University, member of〈 OrganWorks〉.From the age of 9, he studied various genres such as jazz, hip hop, and contemporary at Dance Studio Mind and appeared in many stage performances.
He started creating original performances as a student in university and won the university competition “Toyama ART.M” four years in a row. The work “Domino” was selected for the 2015 Seoul International Choreography Festival, and the work “Convey” was selected for the 2016 New Dance for Asia – NDA International Festival (held in Seoul). As for theater pieces, he appeared in “Hitachibo Kaison” in 2019 and “Inubito” in 2020. In Hokkaido he creates independent performances and is a dance instructor for elementary and junior high school students.

敷地理 『JUICY』

Shikichi Osamu “Juicy”
(YDC2020 French Embassy Prize for Young Choreographer for “happy ice-cream”)

Choreographer / dancer. Completed the master’s program at Tokyo University of the Arts. He takes “X” to the limit in order to “see the whole thing.” Similarly, he dares to obscure things related to the body that have become clear when approaching critical states. He works on the themes that poetically show the realistic sides of the things that surround us in such situations. Works that he has released include “happy ice-cream” (YDC 2020 Competition I), “Shivering Mass, Loose Boundary” (TPAM 2020 Fringe / Ginza Tsutaya Bookstore), “blooming dots” (Toyooka Theater Festival 2020 Fringe / CAF Award) 2020) etc.

2.21 [sun]

伊東歌織 『枠』

Ito Kaori “Waku”
(YDC2016 Competition I Eencouragement Prize for “Melancholy of square”)

Dancer / choreographer / Member of Tokyo Deathlock
After performing on stage mainly in Tokyo for 17 years, she moved to Kamikawa in Hyogo Prefecture in 2017 and is creating a circular environment for living and dancing.
In 2019, as a resident artist at Seoul Dance Center, she released the performance “Body Correspondence”, a joint production between Japan and South Korea. In 2020, after announcing her video works “Depth” and “Three Windows”, she worked on an archive project centered around human senses post-COVID-19 in Tokyo, South Korea, and Hyogo.
She is also co-developing the online project “Where is my rhythm?”

永野百合子 『三途の川までが3部構成の舞踊でした(仮)』 Photo_Takeshi Fukumoto

Nagano Yuriko “Moon in Higan”
(YDC2018 Competition II Outstanding New Artist Prize for “Tuna”)

Born in 1992, in Saitama Prefecture. Choreographer, director, actress. Presided over〈 Yousei Daizukan〉.
She has learned multiple dances such as Japanese traditional dances, classical ballet, jazz dance, and Kagura. Her choreography is characterized by a physicality through coming and going between Japanese and Western style dances.
In 2012, she formed the stage creation unit〈 Yousei Daizukan〉with a colleague from Tama Art University. Its genre-free style mixes songs, skits, and animation with a focus on dance.
In addition to participating in solo performances, dance festivals, and creating video works she is active in a wide range of activities such as choreography for external work, costumes creating, hair and makeup, and prop production. She has a sweet tooth for Japanese sweets.

田村興一郎 『goes』

Tamura Koichiro “goes”
(YDC2018 French Embassy Prize for Young Choreographer, FITS Prize for “F/BRIDGE”)
(YDC2016 Competition II Outstanding New Artist Prize for “zoo keeper”)
(YDC2015 Competition II Encouragement Prize for “Girl and Vulture”)

Choreographer / dance artist. After dancing and performing in Kyoto, he is currently based in Yokohama. Overseas, he has created and performed with local artists in South Korea and France, and has been invited to participate in festivals in various countries such as Hong Kong, Romania and London. He dances with a physical strength that confronts viewers head-on, and has been described as “minimal hardcore”. He is also highly praised for his artistry that is unbound by social norms or preconceived ideas. He is a member of the SAISON Foundation and a Saison Fellow I, and is currently developing businesses centered around child development through dance and other colorful activities such as producing a “body museum where anyone can become a choreographer.”