Final Presentation of Workshop for Choreographers Japan vol.4

  • 12.13 [Wed] 19:00

Workshop for Choreographers Japan, directed by Umeda Hiroaki, was launched in 2017 to discuss, deepen and broaden the idea of choreography and contemporary dance since there are little educational opportunities for choreography as an art form in Japan. We aim to contribute not only to the raise in the levels of choreographers and their works, but also to more active and mature Japanese contemporary dance scene.

As a program of Yokohama Dance Collection 2023, we present the works of 8 participants which were developed through this Workshop.

  • Date and time: Wed. 13 December at 19:00 (duration: about 100 min.)
    Admission Free
    *Advance reservation required

    Participants(Choreographers): Kuronuma Chiharu, Kobayashi Moe, Komatsu Nanako, Takahashi Ayako, Takeyasu Yuuri, Hino Nana, Fujii Chisato, Yokohama Sakura

    Director, Workshop for Choreographers Japan: Umeda Hiroaki
    Stage Manager: Iwata Takuro (arsaffix Inc.)
    Management: Tanoiri Suzuko, Onishi Yuria

    Organised by S20, Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse No.1

    Instagram: @chrws_jp 

Kuronuma Chiharu

Choreographer, Dancer, Calligrapher
Graduated of Nihon University College of Art and Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance.
Kuronuma has been producing and developing her “Dots x Lines” series of works that combine dance with calligraphy and performed at YPAM, and Edinburgh Festival Fringe among other international festivals with them.
She currently performs in and choreographs for commercials and music videos, while choreographing for other projects in the scene of voice acting, bands, as well as theater.

Kobayashi Moe

Kobayashi obtained her black belt in Karate which she first started learning at five, before her encounter with dance when she was thirteen. She formed the group <odd fish> while studying at Daito Bunka University. In 2021, she was awarded the Architanz Artist Support Award at the YDC competition II. In 2022, she was invited to the Duo Dance Festival where she received the grand prize. In 2023, she was invited to the Buddhism Dance festival where she also won the grand prize. She has performed with other works and projects by dancers and choreographers such as Yasumoto Masako, Kakizaki Mariko, and Umeda Hiroaki.

Komatsu Nanako

Komatsu choreographs the connections between people sharing the same spaces under her personal concept of “connecting bodies.” She was an associate artist at the 2022 DANCE BOX. Her original pieces include “Awai-ni-dance,” performed at the Art Theater dB KOBE in 2023, “Border” at Aoyama Spiral Hall in 2019, and more.

Takahashi Ayako | Ayalis In Motion

After graduating from Keio University, she traveled to the US and worked as a dancer and choreographer at companies such as Urbanity Dance Company, Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company, Nadine Bommer Dance Company, AZOTH Dance Theater and more. After that she formed the group <Ayalis In Motion>, performing at the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, Museum of Fine Arts Boston, BAM fisher, NYLA, etc., and has been invited to and won many awards at international festivals such as Istanbul Fringe Festival, Malta Arts Festival, Reykjavik Dance Festival, BETA Publica, Blois Danse, MASDANZA, Jerusalem International Festival and more. She obtained her Master’s degree at Lesley University, and works as a clinical physiologist and official US recognized dance movement therapist.

Takeyasu Yuuri

Takeyasu obtained her Master’s degree in Intermedia Art at the Graduate School of Fine Arts at Tokyo University of the Arts. She came in first place in the Senior Contemporary category at the Ballet Concours in Yokohama.
While in school, she traveled to the US with the KAKEHASHI Project of the Japan Foundation where she gained interest in the body and how it relates to living in an artistic world. She currently experiments with the body through dance and contortionism and continues to make pieces showcasing her research on the body in its physical form and its flowing characteristics.

Hino Nana

Born in Kumamoto Prefecture, Hino Nana learned ballet and jazz dance as a child. After graduating high school, she traveled to California where she studied contemporary dance at the California Institute of the Arts. While at school she performed in works by Yvonne Rainer, Dimitri Chamblas, Shimazaki Toru and more. Currently working as a stage manager, she practices dance in search for the movements that only she can create.
Instagram: @hinonana7

Fujii Chisato

Born in Toyama Prefecture, Fujii started learning jazz dance and ballet when she was five. After graduating high school in Toyama City, she traveled to the US where she learned dance at Purchase College, State University of New York. Currently she learns modern techniques of Martha Graham and Merce Cunningham among others, while learning contemporary dance from a variety of New York dancers.

Yokohama Sakura

The first time she ever danced was when she shook her hips to the ring tone on her mother’s cell phone when she was two years old. She started taking gymnastics lessons at seven, and first encountered the joy of creating dance performances in high school. After graduation, she wanted to learn about dance in a broader more logical way, studying Design Informatics at the Musashino Art University. She continues to wander between dance and design, often feeling perplexed by the differences and excited by their commonalities.