Dance Cross + Asian Selection

Dance Cross is a program for supporting French and Japanese choreographers, notably a residence in France for the winner of French Embassy Prize for Young Choreographer and the presentation of its results. This project has been carried out since 2007 through a partnership between Yokohama and the Institut Francais Japon.
Asian Selection is a program that enables choreographers active in and outside of Japan to have residence and work-creation opportunities via the Yokohama Dance Collection and our Asian partners. In 2017, the works to be performed resulted from collaboration with the Seoul Performing Arts Festival, in Korea, and the M1 Contact, in Singapore,

  • 2.2 [thu] 19:30Kawamura Mikiko / Okuno Miwa x Zhuo Zihao
  • 2.3 [fri] 19:30Kawamura Mikiko / Takahashi Moto x Jun Boram
  • 2.4 [sat] 16:00Kawamura Mikiko / Okuno Miwa x Zhuo Zihao
  • 2.5 [sun] 16:00Kawamura Mikiko / Takahashi Moto x Jun Boram / Tamura Koichiro
@Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse No.1 3rd floor hall

2.2 [thu] – 2.5 [sun]

Kawamura Mikiko

Kawamura Mikiko received the Outstanding New Artist Prize at Yokohama Dance Collection EX 2011. In 2015, she was awarded both the Jury Prize and the French Embassy Prize for Young Choreographer in Competition I. She will perform her award-winning “Inner Mommy” and “LA FLEUR ÉCLÔT EN ENFER”, which she created and presented during her residence program in France.

  • 協賛:
  • 協賛:
© 塚田洋一

Program A

2.2 [thu], 2.3 [fri]

“Inner Mommy”

  • Choreography: Kawamura Mikiko
  • Performance:Kamegashira Kanae, Gotoh Miharu, Nagano Saki, Kawamura Mikiko

Program B

2.4 [sat], 2.5 [sun]


  • Choreography and Performance: Kawamura Mikiko
ダミアン・ジャレ Damien Jalet© K.Kajiyama

Kawamura Mikiko

Born in 1990; began studying dance at the age of 16. Graduated from the dance department of Japan Women’s College of Physical Education. Began choreographing seriously in 2011, presenting works such as “Snake’s Heart” (2012) and “Phantom Dawn” (2015). Her activities, which have been described as those of “an infant terrible of the dance world, who has fallen from some other planet” (Ishii Tatsuro, Dance New Air 2014), goes beyond the theater to include outdoor performances and live events as well as video production, live performances to her own accompaniment, composing music for her own works, and lace knitting in a wide-ranging exploration of creative activities. She was a Saison Foundation Junior Fellow from 2013 to 2016.

2.2 [thu] , 2.4 [sat]

Okuno Miwa x Zhuo Zihao

Zhuo Zihao, associate artist with Singapore’s outstanding T.H.E Dance Company, and Yokohama Dance Collection EX 2013 award winner Okuno Miwa, who has since been active both in and outside Japan, jointly produced this work.

© bozzo
“Silences We Are Familiar With” by T.H.E Dance Company, originally commissioned for the Esplanade da:ns Festival 2012.
© Wu Yi-Chun

「Obscurity of Self」(Japan Premiere)

  • Choreography, Performance:Okuno Miwa x Zhuo Zihao
  • Lighting Design:Gabriel Chan
ダミアン・ジャレ Damien Jalet

Okuno Miwa

Leader of N///K. Okuno earned the French Embassy Prize for Young Choreographer and the MASDANZA Prize at Yokohama Dance Collection EX 2013. Invited to the International Contemporary Dance Festival MASDANZA that year, she won the Jury Prize, then participated in dance festivals in Spain, Panama, Singapore, Malaysia, and Korea. She is currently a graduate student in the Department of Intermedia Art at Tokyo University of the Arts, where she is exploring the possibilities of body art.


Zhuo Zihao

Dancer, choreographer; studied contemporary dance at LASALLE College of the Arts in Singapore and the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. Has been a resident artist at the Odyssey Dance Theatre and a founding member of T.H.E Dance Company, appearing in all its works since the company’s formation in 2008. Received the Young Artist Award from the Singapore National Arts Council in 2012. Became an independent dance artist in 2016 and was named an Associate Artist at T.H.E Dance Company.

2.3 [fri] , 2.5 [sun]

Takahashi Moto x Jun Boram

Jun Boram, award winner at the Seoul Dance Collection, a competition that is part of the Seoul Performing Arts Festival, the biggest in Korea, and Takahashi Moto, selected from among the finalists at Yokohama Dance Collection 2016, have toured Seoul, Kinosaki, and Yokohama in tackling a collaborative project.

© 塚田洋一

「Coincidance in Between」(Japan Premiere)

  • Choreography, Performance:Takahashi Moto, Jun Boram
  • Special Thanks:Tokyo ELECTROCK STAIRS
ダミアン・ジャレ Damien Jalet

Takahashi Moto

A native of Nagano Prefecture; began studying classic ballet as a young child; presented solo and duo works while at university. Since 2011, as a member of Tokyo ELECTROCK STAIRS, led by KENTARO!!, has performed in many countries. In recent years, she has been invited to dance festivals overseas, including festivals in Paris, Florence, and Montpellier. As a finalist at Yokohama Dance Collection 2016, she performed “Shiro of Catnip.”


Jun Boram

After graduating from Sungkyunkwan University, Jun joined the Arzid Dance Company. Recently she has concentrated on the development of specific movements from general actions and on finding ways to direct movements and incorporate diversity. She loves expressing specific motivations through movements.

2.5 [sun]

Tamura Kouichiro


  • Direction, Choreography: Tamura Koichiro
  • Performance:Yamamoto Rino, Tamura Koichiro
  • Direction Assistant:Nagamine Takuya
  • Cooperation:Kyoto Art Center
  • Special Thanks:Kondo Chihiro
田村興一郎© 西純之助

Tamura Koichiro

Born in Niigata Prefecture in 1992; studied dance at Kyoto University of Art and Design. Beginning his own creative work while at university, launched Dance Project Revo and sought to create choreography that is contemporary and original. As Murotamura, who wants everyone to enjoy dance, he visits welfare facilities and day care centers in the Kansai area, to dance and teach.