Competition I

Finalists were selected, based on videos and documents they submitted, from among 138 troupes from 11 countries.

@Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse No.1 3rd floor fall

2.11 [sat] 16:00

Chang Xiaoni

“The Monkey King’s Enlightenment”

Ara Yuhei

“A human must be an imaginary animal”

Kitagawa Yu

“Tiger Lily”

Yang Hosik

“Connecting Link”

Seki Asami

“Whitened Sepulture”

2.12 [sun] 16:00

Yeh Ming-Hwa


Mizukoshi Tomo


ASK Dance Company

“Other Echoes”

Suzuki Ryu


Kurosu Ikumi



Okami Sae(Dance Critics), Kondo Ryohei(Director of CONDORS, Choreographer, Dancer), Tada Junnosuke(Director of TOKYO DEATHLOCK, Artistic director of cultural centre of Fujimi city), Hamano Fumio(Senior Editor, Shinshokan Dance Magazine), Thierry Bayle(Cultural attaché of the French Embassy), Yanaihara Mikuni(Director of Nibroll, Choreographer, Play writer, Associate professor of Kindai University)

The judges will include dance experts in a variety of fields at each countries.