Tada Junnosuke “Choreograph”(World Premiere) 

『RE/PLAY(DANCE Edit.)』 © 鈴木竜一朗

First, let us consider choreography in relation to dance. Choreograph, be choreographed, choreographed, has been choreographed, then, finally, dance. The body that gives birth and the body that receives what is born. Next, choreography and performance. Then we have to consider how choreography relates to our society. We must consider, too, not only what is happening today but the history continued in the present moment, the history of Yokohama and, in particular, the relationship between the West and Japan.

  • 2.16 [thu] 19:30
  • 2.17 [fri] 19:30
  • 2.18 [sat] 16:00
  • 2.19 [sun] 16:00
@Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse No.1 3rd floor hall
  • Direction:Tada Junnosuke
  • Music:Ootani Yoshio
  • Performance:Aokid, Ito Kaori, Gunjo, Tozawa Naoko, Tada Junnosuke
  • Lighting:Iwaki Tamotsu
  • Sound:Hoshino Daisuke (Sound Weeds Inc.)
  • Costume:Usui Rie(Momonga Complex)
  • Stage Manager:Uramoto Keisuke + Shifukudan
多田淳之介 Tada Junnosuke

Tada Junnosuke

Director, the representative of Tokyo Deathlock, and the artistic director of the Fujimi Civic Cultural Hall (Kirari Fujimi). He focuses on the involvement of audience in the present age regardless of classics or contemporary plays. He has also been frequently involving himself in regional, educational and international activities, and he is the first non-Korean director who received the honorary Donga Theater Award: the 2013 award for his Karumeghi. Among his works with dancers are two versions of RE/PLAY DANCE Edit respectively with dancers of Kyoto and Yokohama. This piece has been on a creation process in Southeast Asian countries including Singapore and Cambodia.