Yokohama Dance Collection 2018 Competition Winners Decided!

Photo:Yoichi Tsukada

Yokohama Dance Collection 2018, the Dance Platform in Asia to Promote Choreographers of the Next Generation.
Its main program, Competition I & Competition II were held from 8th to 10th February at Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse No.1 and Yokohama Nigiwaiza Small Hall, and winners have been chosen.

【Competition I】
■Jury Prize
Choi Minsun / Kang Jinan “Complement”

■French Embassy Prize for Young Choreographer
■FITS Prize
Tamura Koichiro “F/BRIDGE”

Kim Seo Youn “Selfish Answer”

■M1 CONTACT Festival Prize
Shinohe Kenji “K(-A-)O”

■Encouragement Prize
Lee Kyung-Gu “A broom stuck in a corner”

■Best Dancer Prize
Kim Seo Youn “Selfish Answer”
Kitao Wataru “2020”

【Competition II New Choreographer Division】
■Outstanding New Artist Prize
Nagano Yuriko “Tuna”

Imaeda Seina “Have you thought that you want to lick your own eyes?”

■Encouragement Prize
Taka Mizuki “Other people’s affairs”

■Best Dancer Prize
Kobayashi Rina “SUPPON”

【Competition I Jury】
Okami Sae (Dance Critic)
Kondo Ryohei (Director of CONDORS, Choreographer, Dancer)
Tada Junnosuke (Director of TOKYO DEATHLOCK, Artistic director of cultural centre of Fujimi city)
Hamano Fumio (Senior Editor, Shinshokan Dance Magazine)
Yanaihara Mikuni (Director of Nibroll, Choreographer, Play writer, Associate professor of Kindai University)
Thierry BAYLE (Culturel attaché of the French Embassy)
Xavier Person (Director of the French Institute of Japan-Yokohama)
Aymar Crosnier (CND Deputy Managing Director)
*The judges will include dance experts in a variety of fields at each countries.

【Competition II Jury】
Ito Chie (Choreographer, Director, Dancer, Artistic Director of Strange Kinoko Dance Company)
Sato Vivienne (Artist)
Fumio HAMANO (Senior Editor, Shinshokan Dance Magazine)