Nibroll “COFFEE”Opening Program

Photo:Masunaga Yasuyuki

Memories inhabit the body and the body projects those memories. “When do we start to drink coffee, when do we reach adulthood?” This is the question the members of Nibroll asked seventeen years ago in Coffee, a work where they explore how the obscure boundaries of adulthood overlap with memories that do not fade away. Now, the story continues in a new piece that asks what the body remembers and what it forgets.

  • 2.2 [fri] 19:30
  • 2.3 [sat] 17:00
  • 2.4 [sun] 17:00
@Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse No.1 3rd floor hall
  • Choreography:Yanaihara Mikuni
  • Performance:Kamimura Yuuki, Suzuki Takashi, Tomono Shota, Nobori Yoshiki, Mase Natumi, Mochizuki Meiry, Yagi Koutaro
  • Visual:Takahashi Keisuke
  • Costume:Yanaihara Mitsushi
Yanaihara Mikuni

Yanaihara Mikuni

Yanaihara formed the dance company Nibroll in 1997 as its leader and choreographer. Her distinctive choreography, based on everyday motions and presenting the atmosphere of contemporary Tokyo in a dry manner, has won her invitations to participate in the Oregon Dance Festival, the San Francisco Buto Festival, the Berlin Fusion Festival, the Laokoon Festival and other overseas festivals. She has also been highly praised for her solo performance at The Kitchen, an avant-garde theater in New York. Since hr performance at the opening of the Kichijoji Theater, she has started the Mikuni Yanaihara Project, which is engaged in theatrical works, and engages in their composition and performance. In 2012, her Think Positively, Taimon! won the 56th Kishida Prize for Drama. She is a member of the Yokohama Dance Collection Competition I jury.