Aokid×Hashimoto Takumi “we are son of sun!”(World Premiere)Performance by Former Prizewinner

Photo: Tsukada Yoichi

Awarded the Jury Prize at Yokohama Dance Collection 2016, Aokid×Hashimoto Takumi are noted for a vast range of activities including art and design. The two performers fascinate audiences by creating comfortable spaces where body and object are on an equal footing.

  • 2.13 [tue] 19:30
  • 2.14 [wed] 19:30
  • Choreography, Performance:Aokid × Hashimoto Takumi


Aokid has been a spinning ninja in breakdance teams since high school and took part in the international breakdance competition in 2008. He majored in cinema at Tokyo Zokei University while starting to engage in performances, drawing, photography, writing, video, and events. He experiments with actions with the streets as their theme, regardless of format, from various perspectives. Inspired by the movie, he and his friends founded their own Water Boys group in high school. His 2016 solo exhibition, I live in the Town Where “Accidental Dance” Takes Place, at Guardian Garden, and 2017 solo performance, I All You World Play, at Yokohama ST Spot, both were reactions to his own assimilation of movies. A project he is presently working on, “aokid city,” proposes a “zoo” as public space for parties.

Hashimoto Takumi

Hashimoto Takumi

A self-proclaimed transformer, Hashimoto expresses the influence the image has on human beings in his own way. In the process, he has built his own improvisation methodology, “Transfoomeisou.” Recent performances have focused on the art scene and include the Nishi-Ogikubo Film Festival, the KAC Trial Program (Kyoto Art Center), and blanClass Live Art. He has also been developing activities as an actor that cross-cut fields. He has appeared from the early phase in Kishii Daisuke’s theater project Shimatsu wo Kaku and in a work by Wan Chon at the Asian Performing Arts Forum. Head of the performance unit Sanzan, he also undertakes planning and implementation at Yoshiwara Art Service.