Competition I

Performances by the finalists selected based on videos and documentation among 106 entries from 9 countries.

@Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse No.1 3rd floor fall

2.10 [sat] 16:00

Kitao Wataru


Tamura Koichiro


Tarinof dance company


Kim Seo Youn

“Selfish Answer”

Michael Barry Arbas Que


2.11 [sun] 16:00

Oishi Yuka


Shinohe Kenji



“Endangered Species ~in the breeding room~”

CHOI Minsun / KANG Jinan


Lee Kyung-Gu

“A broom stuck in a corner”


Okami Sae (Dance Critic), Kondo Ryohei (Director of CONDORS, Choreographer, Dancer), Tada Junnosuke (Director of TOKYO DEATHLOCK, Artistic director of cultural centre of Fujimi city), Hamano Fumio (Senior Editor, Shinshokan Dance Magazine), Yanaihara Mikuni (Director of Nibroll, Choreographer, Play writer, Associate professor of Kindai University), Thierry BAYLE (Culturel attaché of the French Embassy), Xavier Person (Director of the French Institute of Japan-Yokohama), Aymar Crosnier (CND Deputy Managing Director)
*The judges will include dance experts in a variety of fields at each countries.

KITAO WataruPhoto:bozzo

KITAO Wataru

Born in Hyogo Prefecture in 1987; having experienced a variety of dance genres since early childhood, he went on to study with Kisanuki Kuniko at J. F. Oberlin University. As the leader of Baobab, a dance company, is responsible for choreography, composition, and performance. He has guest-performed in works by Kondo Ryohei and Yamamoto Suguru as well as choreographing extensively for the theater, commercials, and films. He also holds workshops and engages in outreach activities. Kitao received the 2012 Audience Award at the Toyota Choreography Award and the third Elsur Foundation New Face Award for Contemporary Dance.

TAMURA KoichiroPhoto:Junnosuke

TAMURA Koichiro

Born in Niigata Prefecture in 1992, Tamura studied with Terada Misako, Ito Kimu, and Yamashita Zan at Kyoto University of Art and Design. Having launched <Dance Project Revo>, he is active in Japan and abroad as a choreographer and dancer, while making Kyoto his base. His humorous dance company Murotamura visits social welfare facilities in the Kansai region, interacting with people through dance. He won the Encouragement Prize in the 2015 Yokohama Dance Collection Competition II and the Outstanding New Artist Prize in 2016. He performed “Yard”, a work he choreographed, for the first time at Yokohama Dance Collection 2017 and also performed it in the JCDN Let’s Dance II, vol. 7, in Kyoto, as a work of local origin.

Tarinof dance companyPhoto:Laurent Garbit

Tarinof dance company

The choreographers and buyo performers Hasegawa Maiko and Sakata Minoru formed the Tarinof dance company in 2013; they collaborate on choreography, composition, and performance. Both spent two years and seven months in Paris, France, under the Agency for Cultural Affairs of Japan’s Program of Overseas Study for Upcoming Artists, Sakada starting in 2012 and Hasegawa in 2013. They are currently based in Japan and perform, choreography, hold workshops, and carry out other activities in Japan and abroad. Tarinof won first prize in the 2014 Festival D’ITCHI DANCE in France, the Festival Cortoindanza in Italy, and the Festival of Choreographic Miniatures in Belgrade, Serbia. It was a finalist in the group division of the 2016 MASDANZA.

KIM Seo YounPhoto:Kim Ho Gyem

KIM Seo Youn

After getting both bachelor’s and master’s degree at Korea national university of arts, I have been working as a professional dancer. In 2012, I participated in a dance work combined with acrobatic movements directed by a dancer named Akos Hargitay from Vienna. I have also participated in some projects hosted and sponsored by < dance company> and Korean national contemporary dance company And at the same time, I created “Selfish Answer”, “Melancholy”, “Ssu dam Ssu dam“, “U&I”. “Selfish Answer” was invited where Fringe dance festival in Fukuoka and M1 dance festival in Singapore.

Michael Barry QUEPhoto:OCS ALVAREZ

Michael Barry QUE

Michael, 24, is a senior member of University of the Philippines Dance Company performing, teaching, and choreographing for local and international performances, competitions, and festivals around Asia. Some of his notable co-directed and co-choreographed full-length works are Pavilion IV and A Wanderer in the Night of the World. Last July 2016, his choreographed piece entitled Trespassing Thru won at Korea International Modern Dance Competition Senior Male Category as Jury Award. His piece Negatives to Positive also won First Place and Audience Choice Award at the Choreographers’ Competition 2016, also invited at the 1st CDE Springboard Dance Festival 2017 in Macau. Last July 2017, Michael just finished his contract as a dancer with <The Human Expression Dance Company> in Singapore under Artistic Director Kuik Swee Boon.

OISHI YukaPhoto: Ivan Urban


Member of the Hamburg Ballet from 2002-2015. Choreographed “RENKU” for the Hamburg Ballet in 2012, receiving the Rolf Mares Prize. Since 2013, has choreographed for the Takarazuka Revue Theater and presented work at the World Ballet Festival, the Etoiles Gala, the Tokyo Silvester Concert, and other festivals. She creates a new work for the Origen Festival Cultural in Switzerland every year.

SHINOHE KenjiPhoto: Ami Hiraoka


Born in the village of Takizawa, Iwate Prefecture, Shinohe engaged in social dance from early childhood. After graduating from the Nihon University College of Art, he received a scholarship from that university to study at Germany’s Folkwang University of the Arts. Currently living in Essen, he performs as a soloist and leads <Die Tokyo Dance Crew> and <ELTEN>. He has received the Grand Prize and Audience Award at the choreography competition at the the International Dance Theater Festival in Germany and the Prime Minister Cup, the Sawamoto Tokumi Prize, and the SAF Special Prize in Japan.

Suichu – megane ∞Photo:bozzo

Suichu – megane ∞

This dance unit was formed by Nakagawa Ayane and Mizuguchi Aina in 2011. Nakagawa, who choreographs, grew up in contact with both classic ballet and Nihon buyo and began creating works after entering J. F. Oberlin University. Her work’s object is exploring the nature and position of dance in human society and developing it further. A finalist in Yokohama Dance Collection Competition II in 2017, Nakagawa won the Award for Excellence at NEXTREAM21, a dance competition, and was a finalist at Dance: Akita 2017.

CHOI Minsun / KANG JinanPhoto: Kim Taekyung

CHOI Minsun / KANG Jinan

Choi Minsun: Graduated with a master’s degree in Choreography in Korea National University of Arts. 2011-2016 The Korea national contemporary dance company. 2016 Seoul dance collection award for choreography prize.
Kang Jinan: Graduated from Kyung-Hee University in Seoul, Korea. 2011-2015 The Korea national contemporary dance company. 2016 Seoul dance collection award for choreography prize.
Choreography of the work: “I don’t know”, “Basic dance”, “2”, “Complement”, “82 VS 65”, “Seolda-A-day you’re not familiar with”<CHOIKAN PROJECT>
“over and over” <Choi Minsun> “Literally walking” <Kang Jinan>

LEE Kyung-GuPhoto: Lee Ju Sung

LEE Kyung-Gu

2017 The Korean Association of Dance Critics and Researchers, Best 5 Piece of the Year “Once upon a time” as a member of <Goblin Party>. “Do you copy, Houston?” was invited to 2016 Tokyo Japan-Korea Duet Dance Festival Invitational Piece, 2016 Seoul Choreography Festival (SCF) and “Be right, be wise” <Goblin Party> was invited to 2015 Young Choreographer Festival and 2015 Chuncheon Art Festival
2016 International Duet Dance Festival Best Piece Prize “Do you copy, Houston?”
2014 New Choreographer Competition, Rookie of the Year “Space Station”