Dance & Nursery!!Workshop and Performance

Photo:Kataoka Yota

Dance & Nursery!! is a project to support and encourage dancers and artists who continue to be active while raising their children and people who do not want to give up enjoying the arts while parenting. Dancers and artists in the childrearing phase of life will present a dance performance and workshop on stage during the Yokohama Dance Collection.
F The participatory program is meant to be enjoyed children, from infants to elementary school students, and adults, together, backed by musicians performing live. The choreography and direction are by Shinozaki Memi, a dancer and choreographer formerly with the Strange Kinoko Dance Company. The performance is by the Dance & Nursery!! dance team, plus Sakamoto Miu and Kunihiro Kazuki. Nagayama Yuko, architect and mother of two, designed the space. Dance & Nursery!! will continue to be held at festivals and in public facilities throughout Japan as a platform for exploring new ways to work while raising children to meet our society’s needs.

  • 2.4 [sun] 15:30-16:30
@Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse No.1 2nd Floor Space C Free admission
  • Choreography and performance:Shinozaki Memi and Dance & Nursery !! dancers
  • Music:Sakamoto Miu, Kunihiro Kazuki
  • Space design:Nagayama Yuko (architect,designer)
  • Organization:Dance & Nursery!!
  • Planning:Sumiyoshi Chie (art prducer)
  • Production:TRAUMARIS, Kinokonoki, Miyakubo Maki (Dance New Air,producer)
  • Grant:The Saison Foundation
  • In cooperation with:Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse No.1 (Yokohama Arts Foundation), Yokohama Dance Collection 2018, Mothers
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