Giuseppe Chico and
Barbara Matijević
“FORECASTING”(Japan Premire)
Tamura Koichiro
“MUTT”Dance Cross

  • 2.14 [fri] 18:00
  • 2.15 [sat] 16:00
  • 2.16 [sun] 16:00
@Yokohama Nigiwaiza Small Hall

Giuseppe Chico & Barbara Matijević

Photo: Jelena Remetin

Cutting-edge dance company Premier Stratagème has continued to open up the possibilities of performance through their intellectual and inventive approach. The company makes their long-awaited first visit to Japan with an impressive performance that works with amateur videos from the world’s largest video-sharing site YouTube. This work unfurls into a dizzying hybrid experience, with a performer skillfully manipulating a laptop that shows various human-scale videos, gradually blurring the lines between banal, everyday situations and drama articulated through a unique mode of narration.

“FORECASTING”(Japan Premire)

  • Authors:Giuseppe Chico, Barbara Matijević
  • Performance:Barbara Matijević
  • Video:Giuseppe Chico
  • Production & development: Marion Gauvent
Barbara Matijević/Giuseppe Chico Photo:Dantès Pigeard

Barbara Matijević

Born in Croatia in 1978. She studied literature at Faculty of Arts in Zagreb and dance at the International Centre for Contemporary Dance and Performance Art – ATHENA, under the artistic direction of Kilina Cremona in Zagreb. She has worked with Joris Lacoste, and has collaborated with Boris Charmatz.

Giuseppe Chico

Born in Italy in 1974. He studied ancient languages and started working in theatre at an early age with the Abeliano Company and later with Kismet Theatre. He moved to Paris in 2000. He was a performer for several years for the company Mille Plateaux Associés and worked with George Appaix and Joris Lacoste. They both funded the company <Premier Stratagème> in 2009.

Tamura Koichiro

Photo: Iwamoto Junpei

A work that continues to be developed for each show, “MUTT” was created as part of a residency in France the year after Tamura won both the French Embassy Prize for Young Choreographers and the Sibiu International Theatre Festival (FITS) Prize at Yokohama Dance Collection 2018 Competition I. Acclaimed for the unique sensibility with which he renders conceptual compositions into movement, Tamura explores in his work ideas of the city, art, the existence of the body in a space where they intersect, and the body’s transformation within that space. As an associate company of Dance Box (an organization based in Kobe), and through managing dance programs for community welfare projects, Tamura has been involved in creating dance in a way that confronts social issues head on. One of the promising choreographers who will lead the next generation, Tamura has been gaining recognition not only in Japan but also internationally.


  • Choreography, Performance:Tamura Koichiro
  • Cooperation:CND – Centre national de la danse,Executive Committee of “DANCE NO TENCHI”
Tamura Koichiro Photo: Koh Shinji

Tamura Koichiro

Choreographer, dance artist, and head of <Dance PJ Revo> (an associated company of NPO Dance Box), Tamura’s practice is based in Yokohama and Kobe. He is also active overseas, having undertaken residences in South Korea and France, and performed in a range of countries; tours of London and Romania are scheduled for next year. Tamura is acclaimed as a dance artist for his precise composition and spatial design, and his challenging attitude towards society and established norms; he also engages in activities connecting welfare and dance, such as teaching dance to children with Down’s syndrome in Hong Kong. He holds his “Body Museum” workshops—an original creation based on the idea that “anyone can become a choreographer”—at various venues within Japan and overseas. Also involved in participatory dance projects for the general public, Tamura’s ambition as a dance artist is to have a widely varied practice.