HOTPOTEast Asia Dance Platform

The HOTPOT East Asia Dance Platform was launched as a collaborative effort from City Contemporary Dance Festival (Hong Kong, China), Seoul International Dance Festival (orea), and Yokohama Dance Collection(Japan)—three festivals dedicated to nurturing and promoting dance artists in East Asia—bringing together their collective experience, expertise, and international networks. Encounters and conversations at the first and second iterations of HOTPOT (held in Hong Kong in November 2017 and in Seoul in October 2018, respectively) have led to a range of new opportunities for many East Asian dance artists, including performances and coproductions around the world.
Like its previous iterations, over a hundred dance presenters (such as directors and producers of theaters and festivals) from Japan and abroad will participate in the third edition of HOTPOT held in Yokohama to attend the showcase program, and also to take advantage of the networking opportunities on offer to connect with dance artists, producers, and other dance professionals from East Asia.

  • 2.11 [tue] – 16 [sun]
@Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse No.1 3rd floor hall
  • Organizer:Yokohama Dance Collection,City Contemporary Dance Festival,SIDance
  • Co-organizer: ZOU-NO-HANA TERRACE
  • Partners:TPAM – Performing Arts Meeting in Yokohama

HOTPOT [China]

2.11 [tue] 18:00
Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse No.1 3rd floor hall

Photo: Carrol Ho

Choreography: Wayson Poon

Photo: Erik Tam

“Virtual Lotus”
Choreography: Er Gao (Stella & Artists production)

Photo: GENG Zi-bo

Choreography: Geng Zi-bo

Photo: Fan Cong

“I Didn’t Say Anything”
Choreography: Lian Guo-dong、Lei Yan

Wayson Poon

He is a Hong Kong contemporary dance artist with notable works include “Behind 3.0”, “Untitled”, “Fleeing by Night”, “in,visible (cities) ”, and “Vortex”. His creations combine oriental spirit and western methodology, decipher the essence of body from different aspects, study the language of dance from several levels and bring out the harmonious chord in the vibration of many elements. He brought his ideas and works to different places around the world, and has performed in various dance festivals. He received the Hong Kong Arts Development Award for Young Artist (Dance) in 2016.

Er Gao

His focus on dance theatre, dance film, community art, and dance education, is a multi-media choreographer who applies dance, images, and installation. He is also the Artistic Director at <Ergao Dance Production Group (EDPG)>. His works regard body as the centre of artistic survey and the main medium of expression. He has employed multiple creative methods to deal with such topics as the identity and gender issues in Chinese society. His works include “This is a Chicken Coop”, “Disco Teca”, “Super Tight”, “Everyday Dance Movement”, “Limb Clock: Dim Sum Hour”, and “Kong Hei Fat Choy”.

Geng Zi-bo

He is an independent choreographer, dancer graduated from Shanghai Academy of Drama with a Masters in Choreography. He has received various awards including: One of 10 choreographers invited to participate in 15th Ragenzburg International Aids Gala in Germany, Choreography Award in 11th Seoul International Choreography Competition, bronze medal in 30th Hannover International Choreography Competition, top 10 finalists of Zhejiang TV’s Chinese version of ‘So You Think You Can Dance’. Geng was executive choreographer for “Valley of the Wind”, “Wolf”, “Soul of the Mountain”, “Southern Red Beans”, “Couples River”, “Nine Colors Deer”, “Shambhala”, 2017 Cyprus Moving lmages International Dance Micro Film Festival “The Kitchen”, and 2018 French Des Arts Des Cinés Dance Film Jury Award “Gatha”.

Lian Guo-dong, Lei Yan

He started to created his works during his college career. After graduation from Department of Literature of Capital Normal University in 2002, he got professional contemporary dance training at <Beijing Modern Dance Company>. Then he joined <Jinxing Dance Theatre> in Shanghai in 2004, joined <Beijing Dance/LDTX> in 2005. He founded <Lei‐Dong work station>which is outside fifth ring road with his wife Lei Yan in 2016. They created independently and shared workshops to the public there. He became an independent choreographer and dancer since 2006, kept going his own creations, and meanwhile worked with different kinds of theater and visual artists such as Living Dance Studio, Paper Tiger Studio and Wang Jianwei. He was invited by Emio Greco/PC in Amsterdam with ‘Beyond China’ dance project in 2010, and got full scholarship of American Dance Festival in 2012.His works were invited to perform in many festivals in Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Kunming and Hongkong. Lei Yan, graduated from Beijing Dance Academy, joined theatre creations as freelancer since 2008. Worked for <Beijing Modern Dance Company> from 2009 to 2011. She worked for Tao

HOTPOT [Korea]

2.13 [thu] 19:00
Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse No.1 3rd floor hall

Photo: Sanghoon Ok

Choreography: Lee Kyungeun [LEE K. DANCE]

Photo: Sangyun Park

“BOTTARI: The paradise flower garden in this world”
Choreography: Kim Sunyoung [DANDANs Artgroup]

Photo: aiden hwang

Choreography: Kwon Hyuk [Company SIGA]

Photo: Creamart

Choreography: Youn Puluem [Younpuluem project group]

Photo: Jongduk Woo

“The first abundance society”
Choreography: Kim Hoyeon and Lim Jungha [Dab Dance Project]

Lee Kyungeun

Since her first choreographic piece “Wavering Heart” in 1996, She is acknowledged for her artistic quality and popular success with neutral character and bold stage manners. Founded <LEE K. DANCE> in 2002, she puts forward its philosophy in arts to ‘communicate with the public with true dance’ as an artistic director. With the distinct style of geometrical movements and explosive energy, she has been acclaimed for her work in expanding personal experience into the broader social sphere. With continuous performances in Korea and abroad, she was invited to France Rencontres chorégraphiques internationales de Seine-Saint-Denis in 2016 for a choreography festival and in 2017 the work “Mind-Goblin” was performed at the Edinburg Fringe Festival at Dance Base receiving much praise.

Kim Sunyoung

Leading the <DANDANs Artgroup>, She obtained MFA at Korea National University of Arts. She studied Korean traditional dance before, and now creates contemporary dance works based on the elements and sentiment of Korean traditional dance. Through the traditions, she looks back into the past from the present moment and seeks to find district Korean beauty and to express them anew in contemporary. “BOTTARI: The paradise flower garden in this world” is one of the pieces from a series of works created to express the distinctly original Korean sentiment.

Kwon Hyuk

In contrast to other works of the current digital generation, <Company SIGA> creates works of analogue sentiments where one can feel the oriental aesthetic of emptiness. <Company SIGA> founded in 2014 quickly came to occupy many festivals and performances in Korea and abroad. Critics have claimed that the company’s works ‘rather than revealing something, acknowledges their own limitations’ and creates something that are ‘simple but also moving for the audience.’ Choreographer and the co-director He has won the Best Choreographer Award at 2014 Dong-A Dance Competition. He states he hopes to contemplate ‘the self’ as a choreographer and create works that reveals what and how he contemplates.

Youn Puluem

The artistic director of <Younpuluem project group>, has won the Grand Prix at 2011 Seoul International Choreography Festival(SCF) and the Best Performance Award at the 2012 Dance Vision. She shows together as one the organic movement and breath where the air of Korean traditional dance and contemporary dance can both be felt. In the recent years, she has been invited to international festivals and theaters in Korea, Russia, China and the US including the 92Y Dig Dance series in New York receiving much critical acclaim.

Kim Hoyeon and Lim Jungha

<Dab Dance Project> is interested in creating moving images that challenge the mundane, while exploring the process of finding relevance and new possibilities in their work. By blending dance with a cultivated practice of curiosity channeled through artistic elements of design, they create worlds that can be appreciated for the physical movements that take place within them, not just because of the concepts explored and discussed. Founded in 2016, the group has received numerous awards and been invited to various festivals in Korea and abroad. Centered around the co-directors of the group Kim Hoyeon, Lim Jungha, and Jeon Gunwoo, the company works with various artists in different disciplines. The piece “First Abundance Society” received the Choreography Award 2017 from Seoul Dance Collection and the Judges’ Award at New Dance for Asia.

HOTPOT [Japan.1]

2.14 [fri] 20:00
Dance and Rap

Photo: Hatori Naoshi




2006-2015 <The Forsyth Company> (Germany・Frankfurt) . In 2013, started <Altneu>unit with Sakai Hana. Also engages energetically in creative activities, collaboration with artists and workshops. 2018 Created “Oto no e” as the first Japanese to stay in the residence program (Fabric Chaillot) at the Chaillot Theater.



Composer, rap performer.He has released 5 CDs including the latest “Nagi”. He performs rap performance in music festivals both domestically and internationally. He has presented genre-transversed installation pieces, and performance pieces and picture book as well as music for advertisement. Music video “Koto no Shidai (The State of Things)” was selected as a Jury Committee Recommendation Piece of the 21st Japan Media Art of Agency of Culture, Japan.

HOTPOT [Japan.2]

2.15 [sat] 18:00
Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse No.1 3rd floor hall

Photo: Hatori Naoshi

“MIMOSA -short version-”
Choreography, Performance: Kogure Kaho

Photo: Maetani Kai

“Family Portrait”
Choreography: Kurata Midori [akakilike]
Performance: Kurata Midori, Sakonuma Riko,
Takeuchi Hideaki, Tsutsui Jun, Terada Misako,
Maetani Kai, Sato Kentaro

Kogure Kaho Photo: Kaneko Manaho

Kogure Kaho

Born in 1989, the dancer and choreographer She has been developing her repertoire as a solo dancer since 2012, while also performing in many works to date including work by Kasai Akira. She has performed in 21 cities across seven countries, and her activity spans appearances in film, commercials, music videos, and collaborations with musicians and artists. Her dance embraces the concept of ‘meguru-meguru mono’—the interconnectivity and transience of all things.
She was awarded the Encouragement Prize in Yokohama Dance Collection EX 2015 CompetitionⅠ.

Kurata Midori Photo: Maetani Kai

Kurata Midori

Director/ Choreographer/ Dancer/ Heads the performance company <akakilike>. In each work Kurata explores the potential of dance through the confrontation of the self and others, establishing what emerges from that process as fiction on the stage. She was selected for the ROHM Theatre Kyoto + Kyoto Art Center KIPPU Under 35 Creative Support Program in 2018, and is a Saison Foundation Junior Fellow(2019-).

HOTPOT [Japan.3]

2.16 [sun] 18:00
Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse No.1 3rd floor hall

Photo: bozzo

“Song here”
Choreography: Shiraga Momoko
Performance: Shiraga Momoko, Nishii Yukiko, Nagamine Maki

“a body is a not body”
Choreography, Performance: Kasai Mitsutake, Suzuki Yukio

Momoko Shiraga Photo: Kitagawa Sister

Momoko Shiraga

Choreographer/ Dancer/ Director of <Momonga Complex> In 2017, She started Kankitsu trio that create a work based on the occurrence of folk songs, with Nishi Yukiko and Nagamine Maki. Saison Foundation Youth Fellow(2017-2018). She has been appointed as co-artistic director of Kirari Fujimi- Cultural Center of Fujimi city in Japan from 2019.

Kasai Mitsutake Photo: Daido Hiroyasu

Kasai Mitsutake

He studied dance under Kasai Akira and Yamazaki Kota, before launching his career as a solo dancer with his own work from 1998. His work reflects his unique view of the world while incorporating the essence of a range of different dance styles. In recent years he has garnered attention not only with his solo work, but also through his choreography and as a performer in the work of others artists. In 2009, He spent a year training in New York as part of the Agency for Cultural Affairs’ Program of Overseas Study for Upcoming Artists. He was awarded the Yokohama Dance Collection R 2010 Solo x Duo <Compétition>+ Special Prize, and was the winner of JaDaFo Dance Award 2017. Kasai appeared as a guest performer with the <Tero Saarinen Company> in 2016, and performed “Pollen Revolution,” choreographed by Kasai Akira, in May 2017.

Suzuki Yukio Photo: bozzo

Suzuki Yukio

He has toured over 40 cities around the world, enthralling audiences with a sturdy yet pliable and delicate physicality that overflows from the space in which he moves. His activities span a wide range, from modeling, collaborative work with musicians, to workshops with children and disabled persons. He has been awarded many accolades including the Toyota Choreography Award 2008 Next Generation Choreographer Award. He heads <Yukio Suzuki Projects>.
He was a finalist of Yokohama Dance Collection R 2009 Solo x Duo <Compétition>+.

Lecture“An Overview of Contemporary Dance in Japan”

Speaker: Ishii Tatsuro (Dance Critic, Professor Emeritus Keio University)
2.12 Wed 15:00~16:40
Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse No.1 2nd Floor Space C

Talk Event“HOTPOT Artists in East Asia”

2.15 Sat 14:30~17:00
Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse No.1 2nd Floor Space C