Performance by the finalists selected based on videos and documentation among 83 entries from 12 countries and regions.

@Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse No.1 3rd floor hall


Okami Sae(Dance Critic, Associate Professor of Kyoritsu Women’s University), Kitamura Akiko(Choreographer, Dancer, Associate Professor of Shinshu University), Kondo Ryohei(Director of CONDORS, Choreographer, Dancer), Tada Junnosuke(Director, Artistic Director of TOKYO DEATHLOCK), Hamano Fumio(Senior Editor, Shinshokan Dance Magazine), Samson Sylvain(Cultural attaché of the French Embassy), Xavier Person(Director of the French Institute of Japan-Yokohama), Aymar Crosnier(Director of Studio Olivier Saillard, Artistic advisor)

2.6 [sat] 15:00

Sakata Mamoru


Taka Mizuki


Song Song-hee (Korea)

“Naturally” [Video]

Fitri Anggraini (Indonesia)

“Pauses/Interval” [Video]

Shibata Miwa


2.7 [sun] 15:00



Fukuda Satoko

“In the Middle of Nowhere”

Fairul Zahid (Malaysia)

“Draw-err 2.0” [Video]

Ida Asami


Takahashi Moto


Jury Prize

Opportunity to perform at the Prize’s Performance at Yokohama Dance Collection
¥400,000 prize (a grant to subsidize creative activities)

French Embassy Prize for Young Choreographer

About 3 months of residency in France

Kinosaki International Arts Center Prize

Provide the opportunity for residency at Kinosaki International Arts Center (KIAC)

studioARCHITANZ Artist Support Prize

Provide the opportunity for creation at Studio Architanz (50hours)

坂田 守

Sakata Mamoru

Sakata Mamoru is the leader of <Tarinof dance company>. He completed LABAN CENTER ISP in 2004. In 2013, he stayed in Paris for 2 years and 7 months under the Agency for Cultural Affairs’ Program Overseas Study for Upcoming Artists. In 2014, he won First Prize at International choreography competitions in France and Italy, such as the 18th Festival of Choreographic Miniatures, etc. In 2017, he won the ATOM Theater (Bulgaria) invitation prize as SFC (Seoul).

髙 瑞貴

Taka Mizuki

Taka Mizuki has been involved in stage performances, musicals, and video works since she was a child, and started creating her own pieces in her late teens. Some of her various influences are works such as <Lamama>, and people such as Orita Katsuko, and Carmen Werner. She completed her master’s course in Dance and Expressive Behavior at Ochanomizu University. She won the Encouragement Award at the Yokohama Dance Collection 2018 Competition II, and the Audience Award for I Want To See Dance! Newcomer Series 18.


Song Song-hee

Song Song-hee is a choreographer, dancer, and a dance educator professionally working in various artistic fields. She made her first choreographic debut with <Monkey Defense>.
The most representative works are <In N Out, 2013> and <Sook-ja, 2015>. <In N Out> was first premiered in ‘Seoul International Choreography Festival 2013’ and was later invited by the Pori Dance Company in Finland.
Song-hee’s work focus on expressing the organic movement that she found from reinterpreting the body with her own interpretation. She is motivated by the findings from the natural movement process and have them as her own movement language. She is keep pushing her own artistic boundary and focuses on building and expanding her artistic value and directions.


Fitri Anggraini

Fitri Anggraini graduated from the Art Institute of Jakarta (2016), and choreographed KABA for Indonesia Dance Festival the same year. She received the prestigious Hibah Seni Inovatif Award from Yayasan Seni Kelola, and participated in the SouthEast Asian Choreo Lab in Malaysia, Asian Performing Arts Forum in Japan. Fitri is a member of the Circle Dance Lab (dance collective based in Jakarta) and she is the founder of the Bahasa Dance Project.


Shibata Miwa

Shibata Miwa graduated from Nihon University College of Art. In January 2020, she studied in Israel for a short-term overseas program where she learned the GAGA method. From the age of 16, she has participated in works by Nakamura Shinji, Kawano Mako, Kihara Kota, etc. After graduating from university, she has performed in works by choreographers Kakizaki Mariko, Shibata Emi, etc. In 2019, her solo work won the Jury’s Special Award at NEXTREAM21. Currently, she belongs to the dance company <KUKI>, which is presided over by Nishi Saori.



nouses has performed with artists such as MISIA, Oue Shintaro, Tsujimoto Tomohiko, Umeda Hiroaki, Hirahara Shintaro, and more. They were invited to the Groove’N’Move Festival 2017 in Switzerland. They have advanced to the finals of global street dance competition twice. Kou: Choreographed Hara Marihiko’s music video “PASSION” featuring Moriyama Mirai, made guest appearance in the piece <OrganWorks>’s at Shiota Chiharu’s exhibition “The Soul Trembles.” Rion: Featured in the music video for “Heart Sutra” by Kissaquo (Yakushiji Kanho)


Fukuda Satoko

Fukuda Satoko graduated from the Rambert School in England in 2016. She appeared in works by companies in the United Kingdom and the United States, including <Rambert Company>. She performed her self-choreographed piece “About the leaves” at dance festivals in France, England and Italy and was invited to the New Dance for Asia Festival in Korea for “Uira Uri” (choreographed by Taira Hinako). She was also selected for the Fukuoka Dance Fringe Festival.


Fairul Zahid

Fairul Zahid was a principal dance of ASWARA Dance Company and Sean Curran Dance Company NYC. He is a prolific versatile choreographer work in Contemporary, Ballet, and Traditional Dance. He is also an award winning Cameronian Arts Award, and names as top 15 best choreographer. He has awarded several awards local and international and have been collaborated with several artists across the globe. Currently he is a Dance Lecturer in UiTM Malaysia.


Ida Asami

Ida Asami learned under Hirayama Motoko during her graduate dance course at The University of Tsukuba. She has won numerous awards both in Japan and abroad, including the International Festival of Modern Choreography in Belarus. From 2013 to 2018, she worked with <MARIA KONG> in Israel.
Director at <ARTopia!>. Resident Choreographer at Dance House Kogane 4422.


Takahashi Moto

Takahashi Moto resides over dance group <MWMW> (pronounced “moey moey”). She started learning classic ballet as a child, and started performing in Japan and abroad from 2011 as a member of <Tokyo ELECTROCK STAIRS>. She started seriously creating her own work from 2013 and has been invited to events such as Rencontres Choregraphiques Internationales de Seine-Saint-Denis, Festival Fabbrica Europa, etc. In recent years, she has also been focusing on original dance videos.