Hashimoto Roma
“Davil Dance” (World Premiere)Dance Connection

This is a new performance by the choreographer who won the Outstanding New Artist Prize at last year’s competition. The performance by Finland-based choreographer Jenna Jalonen, which was planned to be performed as a part of a double bill in collaboration with Aerowaves and Kinosaki International Arts Center will be postponed to a later date due to travel restrictions caused by the spread of the new coronavirus.

YDC2020 “Cyclone Chronicle” Photo: Oono Ryusuke

Hashimoto Roma won the Outstanding New Artist Prize at the Yokohama Dance Collection 2020 Competition II. Audiences are mesmerized by the groups style of storytelling, disassembling and reconstructing a unique aesthetic sense and context throughout the entire work. The new performance “Davil Dance” is based on the story “Faust,” whose protagonist makes a deal with the devil in exchange for his own soul, and “Dance Macabre,” in which people become frantic, dancing madly in fear of death. Hundreds of years after the original first saw the light of day, this ambitious new rendition offers a glance into the desperate boil of dancing in our current world circumstances.

  • 2.10 [wed] 17:00
  • 2.11 [thu] 17:00
@Yokohama Nigiwaiza Small Hall
  • Choreography, Performance:Hashimoto Roma
  • Performance:Abe Megumi, Murai Remi <OrganWorks>, Yamada Marin, Hashimoto Roma
  • Costume Creation:Satomi Yuka
  • Music Edit:Ietomi Daichi
  • Residence Cooperation:Dance Base Yokohama
graphic: 6:13 AM (Abe Megumi)

Hashimoto Roma

Born in 1995, Tokyo. Besides using conceptual methods, her performances incorporate elements of pop and street culture to create a highly contemporary performance that appeals to people other than art fans. There is a consistent aesthetic sense for all the elements that make up the work, including a solid sense of visual elements inspired by the city she was born and raised in, and a multifaceted analysis of the themes in the piece by disassembling various contexts and reconstructing them like a collage, to present new perspectives. Hashimoto Roma received the Grand Prize in the PLAY Division at SICF20 (2019) and the Outstanding New Artist Prize at Yokohama Dance Collection 2020 Competition II.