Choi x Kang Project “A Complementary Set_Disappearing with an Impact”

Wang Yeu-Kwn <Shimmering Production>“Beings”

Performance by Former Prize Winner

  • 12.05 [Tue] 19:00
  • 12.06 [Wed] 19:00
@Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse No.1 3rd floor Hall

Choi x Kang Project

©KNCDC Photo:Mok Jinwoo

This piece is choreographed and performed by the duo Choi Minsun and Kang Jinan, following their Jury Prize-winning work “Complement” at the YDC Competition I in 2018. “Complement” disrupted time and space by dually incorporating real-life dance with visuals using cameras and monitors, exploring what emerges between two and three dimensions. Their latest creation, however, begins with the question, “Can the things that exist outside our human gaze be controlled?” Behold a space—one generated by the duo’s relationship, what lies within and beyond video frames, the present and the past, and abstracted sound. When the body, visual images, and music lose their meaning in reality, what emerges from the interaction between the visible and the invisible, between presence and absence?

“A Complementary Set_Disappearing with an Impact”

  • Choreography, Performance: Choi x Kang Project (Choi Minsun, Kang Jinan)
  • Scenography: Rohwa Jeong
  • Music: Ko Yohan
  • Costume design: Son Jungmin
  • Filming performance: Kim Taekyung
  • Technical direction: Jo Eunjin
  • Producer: Jang Soohye
  • Support: Korea Arts Management Service

Choi x Kang Project

<Choi x Kang Project> is a Seoul-based project group founded by Choi Minsun and Kang Jinan in 2015. Both dancers were a part of the Korea National Contemporary Dance Company since 2010 prior to their independent ventures starting in 2016. Their work focuses on the exploration of intuitive motion and the connection process between the body and external devices, resulting in signature experimental pieces. Their piece “Basic Dance” in 2015 was showcased at the Seoul Dance Collection, and in 2018, “Complement” earned them the Jury Prize at YDC Competition I. They have also collaborated in the contemporary art world, offering unique interpretations of the act of dancing.

Wang Yeu-Kwn <Shimmering Production>

© Chen You-Wei

“From one to two, I glimpse ‘I’ through us.” Emerging Taiwanese choreographer Wang created this intimate duo performance, inspired by the Chinese character for “人” (person). The dance piece touches on the relationships between the two supporting calligraphy strokes, the two intimately connected performers, and between the rice paper and the ink. Experimental yet brimming with hidden passion, “Beings” was presented in an online format at YDC2021-DEC Competition I during the COVID-19 pandemic. It received the Encouragement Prize, the Studio Architanz Artist Support Prize, and the Kinosaki International Arts Center Prize. Afterward, it garnered high praise with performances in Europe. And now, as it returns to YDC as a live theater performance, you do not want to miss it.


  • Choreography: Wang Yeu-Kwn
  • Performance: Lee Yin-Ying, Wang Yeu-Kwn
  • Dramaturgy: Chen Lucky
  • Set design: Chen Guan-Lin
  • Lighting design: Shyue Joanne
  • Costume concept: Lin Eno
  • Technical staff on tour: Lan Chin-Ting
  • Administrative support: Hsu Tzu-Yin, Yeh Salina
  • Subsidy: National Culture and Arts Foundation, Department of Cultural Affairs Taipei City Government
  • Partners: Kinosaki International Arts Center (Toyooka City), STUDIO ARCHITANZ

© Chen You-Wei

Wang Yeu-Kwn

<Shimmering Production> is a dance company founded by Taiwanese choreographer Wang Yeu-Kwn in 2019. Their mission is to create a shimmering light that might light up other people’s lives. Wang was a dancer with <Cloud Gate 2> for seven years from 2008, and during this time, he came to believe that understanding one’s own body and how it works is the foundation for living actively as an individual. Wang focuses on two main pillars of activity: creating experimental contemporary works and conducting workshops for the general public. His works take dance to the streets and carefully weave relationships with the lives and histories of the people who inhabit those spaces. In addition to calculated beauty, his works convey a gentle warmth with hints of nostalgic flavor that resonates deeply with the hearts of his audiences.

“Beings”, is the first episode of his choreography project “A Trilogy — Quest of Relationships”. With the support of the National Theater and Concert Hall, National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts Weiwuying, residency programs at The Place in London and Kinosaki International Arts Center, WANG has started creating “Islands” (working title), the second episode of the “A Trilogy — Quest of Relationships” project, which is set to premiere in fall 2024.