Kim Jaeduk “Darkness Poomba”Performance Screening

“Darkness Poomba”

Kim Jaeduk continues to present works that transcend genres and reinterpret Korean traditional styles with dynamic curvaceousness and speed. His activities have spread not only throughout Asia, but Europe and Latin America as well. “Darkness Poomba” is a work that has been performed more than 50 times in 30 cities around the world since its premiere in 2008, using the traditional Korean “Beggar Song (Poomba)” as its main material. The dancers continue to sing and dance to overcome the darkness. a concept that stems from the unique Korean sentiment of “Han,” which expresses grief and resentment. The spread of the coronavirus prevents Kim from coming to Japan, so this year Yokohama Dance Collection will be screening his performance instead.

  • 2.14 [sun] 11:00~ / 13:30~ / 15:30~ / 17:30~
@Yokohama Nigiwaiza Small HallVOD Streaming 2.15 (Mon) ~ 21(Sun)

Kim Jaeduk

B.F.A and M.F.A. in Dance Performance, School of Dance at Korea National University of Arts. Ph.D. in Dance, School of Arts at Sungkyunkwan University. Founded <Modern Table> in 2013. Based on contemporary dance, <Modern Table> mix with stage musical, Pan-sori, rock and hip-hop performances that transgress borders between genres. By dancing with Korean lines in dynamic movements with male dancer troupe, <Modern Table> is making its own style. It has been drawing keen attention for its unpredictable ideas and experimental projects that break down the barrier between audience and stage, and between art forms.