Chey Jurado “Agua”(Japan Premiere)
Jeong Cheolin “Flight”
Nagano Yuriko “MONOLITH”(World Premiere)
Dance Connection

  • 2.2 [sat] 17:30
  • 2.3 [sun] 17:30
@Yokohama Nigiwaiza Small Hall

Chey Jurado “Agua”(Japan Premiere)

Photo: Elias Aguirre

Chey Jurado is a self-taught urban dancer (breaking, popping, locking) who has started his career as a choreographer and dancer. He is a professional B-boy, having won “Redbull Bc One Spain” awards four times and currently working for <La Veronal and Roberto Olivan Co.> “Agua” (Japan Premier) has won the Best Performer Award at the 22nd MASDANZA international dance festival in Spain. His themes are the four elements, water, earth, fire and wind. The focus of AQUA is water, the element that overcomes adversity, the purest element, necessary, moldable, liquid element, rigid, volatile, decisive when giving life or when removing it… Unpredictable of a short piece format that allows the spectator to immerse himself in the infinite ways to interpret their qualities through movement, turning it into a tribute to itself. This work is a must-see for its interpretation of the essential elements of life through Chey’s bodily and physical vocabulary, choreographed as urban dance.

  • Choreography, Performance:Chey Jurado
  • Production coordinate:Rotativa Performing Arts
Chey JuradoPhoto:Antonio Ovejero

Chey Jurado

Spanish dancer and coreographer began his career autodidactly in urban styles (breaking, popping and locking). Due to his curiosity towards other styles it didn’t take him long until he learn more about academic dances such as contemporary, salsa and was formed in Pilates.
He kept active in his urban styles and accomplishing notoriety traveling and obtaining titles around the globe: 3 times winner Red Bull BC One Spain, Best Show Battle of the Year, 1st Place R16 Spain and winner juste debout experimental Spain. Currently he is directing and choreogrpahing his own company Senpü.

Jeong Cheolin “Flight”

Photo: Park Song Yun

Jeong Cheolin, a dancer with the globally renowned <Bereishit Dance Company>, also founded the <Melancholy Dance Company> in 2016. A finalist of competitionⅠin the 2016 Yokohama Dance Collection, he has performed at numerous dance competitions and festivals.
With his work “Flight” premiered in 2016, he represented Korea in the 1st HOTPOT East Asia Dance Platform in Hong Kong, co-hosted by SIDance. This, his debut work as a choreographer, displays an impressive connection between the choreography and the title. In it we see two individuals struggling to overcome their limitations and very nearly take flight. In the choreography we see optimism as they go through repeated success and failure towards achieving their goal.
*A dance platform founded for the first time for cooperation and collaboration by three major dance festivals in East Asia held to discover and foster fresh talent: the City Contemporary Dance Festival (China, Hong Kong), SIDance (Korea, Seoul), and the Yokohama Dance Collection (Japan, Yokohama).

  • Choreography:Jeong Cheolin
  • Performance:Jung Jaewoo, Jeong Cheolin
  • Cooperation:Arts Council Korea、
  • SIDance(Seoul International Dance Festival)、HOTPOT East Asia Dance Platform 2017
Jeong Cheolin

Jeong Cheolin

Jeong Cheolin founded the Melancholy Dance Company in 2016 as choreographer and dancer. He is also taking an active part in and out globally in Bereishit Dance Company as a dancer. In the year after he founded his company, he participated in several performances and competitions such as the Young Choreographer Creative Performance, 2016 SPAF and performances overseas. He was awarded the first prize in the Young Choreographer Creative Performance, the SCF’s international panel prize and the 2016 Jacobs Pillow Dance Festival’s best dancer prize.

Nagano Yuriko “MONOLITH”(World Premiere)

Photo: Hukumoto Takeshi

Nagano Yuriko won the Outstanding New Artist Prize in Competition II at Yokohama Dance Collection 2018. The members of <Youseidaizukan>, her four-member performance unit, are all graduates of Tama Art University. They present stage performances composed from a variety of scenes, combining dance, singing, and comedy. Nagano’s activities span a wide range, from solo performances to appearances with the <Mamagoto> and <Condors>. Her art has been featured on television. “MONOLITH” is title and theme of her new work. As the title implies, in it we see an unhappy, uninterpretable quiz, to which there are no answers.

  • Choreography, Direction:Nagano Yuriko
  • Text:Iizuka Unagi
  • Performance:Iizuka Unagi, Nagano Yuriko, Abe Megumi, Kobayashi Nana, Sumi Reina, Hatanaka Minoru, Hirayama Inu
Nagano Yuriko Photo:Furusawa Yuzuru

Nagano Yuriko

Born in 1992, Nagano graduated from Tama Art University and leads the performance unit Yousei Daizukan. She develops genre-free works including aspects of comic skits, dance, and song. Beginning her own independent performances, she performed On the New Constitution (Mamagoto) in 2015 and took part in Potential Beasts (Condors) in 2017. Her wide-ranging work includes creating art on the NHK education television channel.