Photo:Ito Kaori

With performance and choreography based on mime, has continued to attract the attention of audiences of all ages. The theme of the new work “Mitateru” is a distinctively Japanese form of creative expression called 「mitate」, analogues or parodies; their core concept is using the body to address the ma (spatial-temporal moment). By taking a close-up view of simple things, this work makes us imagine the parts that are those things’ core. Oh, to have a bird’s eye view of human life! And it does become visible, through developing analogues, condensing elements, and turning them into symbols. Moreover, some elements spill over or go beyond the symbols. It is in these moments that human life becomes visible. In this new work we see a new focus on Japanese culture.

  • 2.11 [mon] 19:30
  • 2.12 [tue] 19:30
  • 2.13 [wed] 15:00/19:30
  • 2.14 [thu] 15:00/19:30
  • 2.15 [fri] 17:00
  • 2.16 [sat] 13:00/18:00
  • 2.17 [sun] 13:00
@Yokohama Nigiwaiza Small Hall
  • Choreography, Direction:Onodera Shuji
  • Performance:Oba Yusuke, Sakiyama Rina, Fujita Momoko, Onodera Shuji
  • Production coodinate:syuz’gen
  • Subsidy:Japan Arts Council
Onodera Shuji Ishikawa Jun

Onodera Shuji

Director, performer, leader of Company Derashinera.
Formed the group “Performance Theatre Water and Oil” in 1995.
Since then he has been in charge of the production of all performances.
Until March 2006, the group performed in twenty-two cities of nine foreign countries and in twenty-two cities in Japan.
In addition to <Water and Oil> activities, He has been engaged in music video production and choreography for movies.