Aosora Dance

チーム んまつーポス『トカゲの湖』Photo: Tsukada Yoichi

Versatile performance unfolding at thye oceanfront open-air event space

  • 2.9 [sat] 14:00
  • 2.10 [sun] 14:00
@Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse event area

Yokohama National Univ. Modern Dance Club

The club was founded in 1983. We won the Encouragement Award at the 31st All Japan Dance Festival Kobe. It was the first time in the history of the dance club to win the award for four consecutive years. In addition, we produced our works at presentations by the Kanto Student Dance Alliance Performance and our own performance. There are many graduates who work widely, including Ryohei Kondo who president of Condors. We’re looking for independent world view, and we are engaged in creative activities every day.




<Namstrops> was formed in 2006. The company name is the backward reading of sportsman. The unique creative style of ‘the physical education of modern art’ (named Takahashi Rumiko) drew the attention of overseas festivals as well. Up until then, Asian countries and cities had originally presented their creations in Estonia, Romania, Germany, and other European countries (11 countries, 35 cities). Also, domestically, it expanded on experiential performance activities that only this company could do, attempting to exhibit ‘physical education’ (the idea of nurturing the body) in art museums throughout the country, such as the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa, Towada Art Center in the north, and Kirishima Open Air Museum in the south. They were selected the finalists in the Yokohama Dance Collection in 2008, 2011 and 2012.


MUROTAMURA(Tamura Koichiro , Murota Keisuke)

Dance unit by Tamura Koichiro(Choreographer)and Murota Keisuke (Mim Performer). Based on the Kansai, they visits welfare institutions such as geriatrics and nursery schools and peform comical dance. Also active in various forms such as dance teaching for children with Down Symdrome, event MC and so on. We're called “social contribution type dancer”.
Logo Design:Aokid

“That's absurd !!~Yokohama Dance Collection ver.~”


Matsui Yukimi owns her private studio close to JR Yamate Station.
The photograph shows the main member of TDK dancers who is her mentor since childhood. 
Matsui is active in various events and stages, including choreographing for the “Noge Jazz de Bonodori.” All the participants won prizes in the Yokohama Competition. 
At DanceDanceDance@YOKOHAMA2018, it was Ryohei Kondo (chief of the Kondors) who choreographed the “Red Shoes.” Matsui works with him as dance master for its promotional activities.

“Red Shoes”

Nakamura Yo

Nakamura Yo began contemporary dance when enrolled in Waseda University.
Her work has been presented inernationally, such as in ceremonies for Culture City of Eas + Asia(Gwangju, Korea/Yokohama,Japan). She has choreographed music videos Nikikai Opera’s “Julio Cesare”, and “MAGIC” by sumica, the rock band. She has appeared in Avril Lavigne’s “Hello Kitty” music video. She has won awards such as the Yokohama Dance Collection EX Jury Prize / FITS Prize (2013), the Elsur Foundation Contemporary Dance Division’s New Comer Award (2016).


  • Performance:Ochanomizu University, Saitama University, University of Tsukuba  YOKOHAMA National University 22students