"Dance & Nursery" is a project that supports active parent artists, and audience members who do not want to give up enjoying art while raising children. Dancers and artists of the parent generation gather to the Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse No.1 to deliver performances and workshops. Anybody is welcome to the programs, where grown-ups and children alike can enjoy expressing with their body alongside live music. Choreographer/Facilitator is Shinozaki Memi of the former Strange Kinoko Dance company. Music is by OOAME(Oohata Yuichi+Sakamoto Miu), and the spacial design is by Nagayama Yuko. "Dance & Nursery" works with local public facilities and festivals, as a platform of a new way of parenting and working.
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  • 2.2 [sat] 13:00~14:00
@Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse No.1 Space C
  • Performance:Dance & Nursery !! dancers & Mam dancers
  • Music:OOAME (Oohata Yuichi+Sakamoto Miu)
  • Space design:Nagayama Yuko (architect,designer)
  • Organization:Dance & Nursery!!
  • Planning:Sumiyoshi Chie (art prducer)
  • Production:TRAUMARIS, Kinokonoki, Maki Miyakubo(Dance New Air,producer)
  • Grant:The Saison Foundation
  • Cooperation:Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse(Yokohama Arts Foundation), Yokohama Dance Collection 2019, Mothers