Dance Lab #2Demonstration+Talk

Photo:Hatori Naoshi

Exploring what it means “to see” and “to be seen”
~International screendance project ‘ON VIEW’ by Sue Healey~
‘Dance Lab’ confronts the diverse themes in the world of dance and aims to improve the environment for dance in Japan. This 2nd Dance Lab will discuss the international collaborative dance project ‘ON VIEW’, focusing on the new relationship between dance and video. By conducting talks lead by artists involved in this project, Dance Lab will create opportunities to consider the essential connection between ‘to see and to be seen’ that exists in the space between dance and video.

  • 2.16 [sat] 11:00~14:00
@Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse No.1 2nd Floor Space C


This is a demonstration to provide an experience for the audience. By watching live dance performance and dance video simultaneously, audience can perceive the differences. For those dancers who have participated in the ‘ON VIEW : Japan’ perform and at the same time, they are to be recorded and edited by Fushiki Kei, artist, to explore the differences and relationship between real body and video images.

  • Planning · facilitator:Fushiki Kei
  • Planning support · Performance:Kojiri Kenta
  • Performance:Yuasa Ema


‘ON VIEW : Japan’ is a multiple discipline artists’ work. Based on their experience, audience will be questioned the substantial relationship of dance and video, ‘to see and to be seen’ together with the artists.

  • Speaker:Sue Healey, Fushiki Kei, Shirakawa Naoko, Asai Nobuyoshi, Hala Saori
  • Facilitator:Karatsu Eri (Aichi Prefectural Art Theater / Senior Producer)
  • Organizer:ON VIEW:Japan executive committee
  • Co-organizer:Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse No.1 (Yokohama Arts Foundation), Zou-No-Hana Terrace, Aichi Prefectural Art Theater
  • Planning Cooperation:Aichi Prefectural Art Theater
  • Cooperation:Nagoya University of Arts and Sciences
Fushiki Kei

Fushiki Kei

Artist,Director of Intermedia Performance.
2001, Completion of MA degree at Musashino Art University. 2006-08, Awarded a DAAD scholarship and stayed in Germany, completion of MFA degree at the Bauhaus University Weimar. Creating visual images on the subject of a boundary between line-arity and non-linearity on time consciousness. Also approaching media installation / performance works from the aspect of spatial uniqueness such as the historical back-ground of the place. Some past works were realized in collaboration with other artists, such as installation artists, architects, composers and dancers. Recent years, he made media installation “waltz” (2013, 14, 15, 18), in which multiple screens with pro-jected images are floated on Canal. Present, Associate Professor at Nagoya University of Arts and Sciences.

Karatsu Eri

Karatsu Eri

Producer,Curator. She has studied at Faculty of Literature of Dance Studies of Ochanomizu University and received Master of Arts from graduate school. Since 1992 she has worked at Aichi Arts Center where is a consolidated culture facility as curator in dance and physical expression and manages their programs. She became senior producer at Aichi Prefectural Arts Theater and especially focuses on the contemporary working in diversified fields, and produced a new works and plans a lot of dance performances and workshops, and collaboration with art , music and film. From 2010 to 2016, she was curator of performing arts in Aichi Triennale, she has worked various programs including international production and co-production with per-forming arts company. She has also served as a judge or committee member for the Cultural Policy Commit-tee of the 6th Council for Cultural Affairs of the Agency for Cultural Affairs (2007–09); Asahi Arts Foundation (2013–); The “Educational project for emerging artists to lead culture in the next generation” and “Support for artistic and cultural activities of theaters and halls” of the Agency for Cultural Affairs, Toyota Choreography Award and the Na-tional Dance Competition of Japan organized by the Tokyo Shimbun (since 2014). She is a guest teacher at some National University and has published several books includ-ing “L’intelligence du corps”.


Shirakawa Naoko /Dancer

As a dancer, Naoko has been acquired the skills of classic Ballet and contemporary dance since her childhood. In 1989 she co-established H Art Chaos with Sakiko Oshi-ma, the director and choreographer of the company. Since after the successful perfor-mance of Romeo and Juliet in 1997 in MAC Maison des Arts de Créteil in France, she acted all of the leading part of their works. Every countries she visited in North and South America, Europe and Asia, she was paid the highest compliments as the signifi-cant dancer from the audience and she won favorable reputations such as “Exceptional talent”, “Miraculous Dance” and “Luminous action” from local press. She is one of the key person in the dance society who demonstrates the attraction and enthusiasm. She is also seen in Feast of Immortality produced by Singapore Dance Theatre as a main role, Opera Bluebeard's Castle produced by Aichi Arts Center as Judith, The Di-vine Comedy as a main role, Uzme as collaboration with Farouk Ruzimatov, Daphne and The Damnation of Faust which Oshima has directed and choreographed for Tokyo Nikikai Opera Theatre, The Little Prince of Ongaku-za Musical Company as the snake and collaboration in the concert with know Japanse rock ‘n roll musician such as Shugizo and Tomoyasu Hotei. Her latest solo work Eternity was highly acclaimed in 2016.


Kojiri Kenta /Dancer,Choreographer

Born in 1981, in Chiba, Japan, Kojiri started classical ballet at the age of three. After being awarded the Apprentice Scholarship at the Prix de Lausanne in 1999, Kojiri danced at Les Ballets de Monte-Carlo for 4 years. He joined Nederlands Dans Theater (NDT2) in 2003 and three years later, he was the first Japanese male dancer to join the prestigious main company, NDT1. He danced in Jiri Kylián’s final creation for NDT, Mémoires d'Oubliettes and left the company in 2010, at the same time as Kylián. Kojiri has worked with Crystal Pite, Mats Ek, William Forsythe, Wayne McGregor, Paul Lightfoot, Ohad Naharin and several other leading choreographers. Since 2010, Kojiri has been working as a freelance dancer, choreographer and teacher on the international stage. In Japan, Kojiri has been teaching the figure skaters of the Japanese National Team as well as the dancers at the Ballet School of the New Na-tional Theater. In recent years, Kojiri has presided Opto, alongside Rei Watanabe, and he was the curator of Dance Lab’s Dancers, Dancing in Words. Notable performanc-es: Sylvie Guillem's 6000 miles away, Sadler's Wells Theatre (2010-13); Noism, guest dancer (2012-2014); PUUR by Wim Vandekeybus, guest dancer at the Royal Swedish Ballet (2017-18). Notable creations: Inscription (2012) for Noism2; TSURU (2015) as a co-production between Asia Society Texas Center and Houston Ballet; TOKI (2013); THE KUMANO (2017) co-creation with noh actor Reijiro Tsumura; Study for Self / por-trait (2017), a solo piece at the Hara Museum of Contemporary Art.


Yuasa Ema / Dancer,Choreographer

After dancing at NDT2,1for 11years, she became freelancer.
Guesting in Royal Swedish Ballet for Mats Ek’s “Julia&Romeo” as Juliette, and Sasha Waltz’s “Körper”.She joined EASTMAN under the direction of Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, par-ticipating in few creations, Projects as a dancer. Also she is a member of Opto(Japanese dance project group) with Rei Watanabe,Kenta Kojiri.As a choreographer she started choreograph during NDT, her piece was chosen to show in several theater in Holland, Kronos Quartet offered her to join as guest dancer, she collaborated with artist/pianist Tomoko Mukaiyama, fashion designer/Tamae Hirokawa, architect/Tsuyoshi Tane, Japanese Noh performer/Noboru Yasuda,etc. She is very actively performing and creating in Japan and Europe.


Asai Nobuyoshi /Dancer,Choreographer

Asai started dancing in Japan at the age of ten, and began his professional career after First Prize at World Hip-Hop Championship in 2002. In order to go deeper into movement demanding a complex and profound interior approach, he joined the japanese butoh company Dairakudakan on 2005, before becoming permanent dancer at the butoh company Sankai Juku with whom he gave performances all over the world. In parallel, on 2011, the Pola Art Foundation provided him grants to pursue his choreographic and artistic researches in Berlin, so as to weave links between japanese cultural background and occidental contemporary creative movements. The following year, he obtained the Japanese Governement Study program for Artists and spent a year in Tel Aviv, joined at the Batsheva Company and also collaborating with the alter-native artistic environment of Clipa Theater and Maria Kong.He directs his own dance company PIERRE MIROIR based in Paris. In the past Asai has worked with Damien Jalet &Kohei Nawa[VESSEL] ,Darren John-ston[Zero Point],Compagnie NACERA BELAZA[La Travers] .Phantom Limb Company [Falling out] ,Sue Healey[On view] etc.Currently, Asai is working as a freelance Butoh dancer and choreographer on the international stage, and he is also artistic director of Moon Light theater and Dance house KOGANE4422.


Hala Saori /dancer, artist

Hala is a performance artist who is based in Berlin.She works with a diverse range of media, including movement, film, light, sound and drawings. Her work is con-nected through the constant presence of the inseparable relationship between time, void, and body. These elements are developed with human action in everyday occur-rences and observations. Her body research is based on thought of „affordance“ by James Gibson who is an American psychologist, and also engaging in site-specific performance. She started to dance since childhood, and explored in fields between visual communi-cation and performance art under her studying of design at Tokyo University of the Art and solo performance at HZT Berlin. Her current performance work “Da Dad Dada” dealt with her biographical narrative about the relationship with her father who was a successful Japanese musical dancer. (Berlin Premiere 2017)