Shikichi Osamu & Lee Sehyoung “unisex #01”Dance Cross

Having studied sculpture and video art before expanding into dance, Shikichi is an up-and-coming artist who has garnered attention in both the contemporary art and performing arts fields. In an intelligently structured space, he inserts the human body, and object which receives stimuli from the environment and changes with time, to create a fascinating world that radiates unpredictability, ambiguity, and sensuality.
In 2020, “happy ice-cream,” which he choreographed and performed at the YDC Competition I, won him the French Embassy Prize in Japan. This work is the result of a three-month residency at the Centre National de Danse in Paris with contemporary Lee Sehyoung that began in June 2021 as part of the award’s program. This is the long-awaited performance after its cancelation in December 2021 due to the pandemic.
The theme of sexuality, which he was interested in since before arriving to France, became clearer when he saw an ancient Greek image of a hermaphroditic god at the Louvre in Paris. This dance performance is “a reflection on magnetism and the ambiguous body,” taking as its cue the episode of Androgynos (the god of both genders) in Plato’s “The Symposium.”

  • 12.5 [Mon] 19:00
  • 12.6 [Tue] 19:00
@Yokohama Nigiwaiza Small Hall
  • Concept, Direction: Shikichi Osamu
  • Choreography: Shikichi Osamu, Lee Sehyoung
  • Performance: Shikichi Osamu, Lee Sehyoung
  • Music: Sommer Rodrigo, Lee Sehyoung
  • Cooperation: Centre National de Danse (CN D)
敷地 理

Shikichi Osamu

Choreographer/dancer, born in Japan. Studied sculpture at Musashino Art University, and created performances using the body as new media in the master’s program at Tokyo University of the Arts. While a university student, he studied at the Berlin University of the Arts and began studying dance technique at the same time. Shikichi’s work has an appealing and original edginess as well as sensuality to it that explores the boundaries of existence by inserting into an intelligently structured space an object of uncertainty, i.e., the human body, which receives sensations from its environment while changing over time. In 2020, he won the French Embassy Prize for Young Choreographer at the Yokohama Dance Collection Competition I with “happy ice-cream”. His work “blooming dots” was selected for the CAF Prize 2020 (an art competition for students of the Contemporary Art Foundation). In 2021, he will participate in a residency at the Centre National de Danse in Paris, and in 2022, he will present “Hyper Ambient Club” (Rohm Theater Kyoto x Kyoto Art Center). He is gaining acclaim in both dance and contemporary art.


Lee Sehyoung

Born in Seoul, Lee Sehyoung is currently based in Paris, studying contemporary art at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts creating works in various forms, examining the indeterminate correlation between the world, himself, and the things that surround him. As a performer, he has appeared in works by choreographer Boris Charmatz (“Happening tempête”, 2021, Grand Palais, Paris) and Emmanuelle Huynh and Andrew Tay & Stephen Thomson (Make Banana Cry, 2022, Kampnagel,Hamburg and FTA -Festival Transamérique, Montréal). He presented his sculpture “Perma-” in the group exhibition “Plant B” (2021, Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts, Paris), curated by Noelia Portela. He has presented “(Ici)divague”, a piece incorporating performance, sculpture and sound work, at the graduation exhibition of Beaux-Arts and at the group exhibition “No no fest” (2021, Maison Populaire, Montreuil, France) curated by Thomas Conchou.