fuse* “Ljós”

© Enrico Maria Bertani


Established in Italy in 2007, fuse* is a multidisciplinary art studio that explores new art forms using digital technology, contemplating the relationship between light, space, sound, and movement. They have presented their creations around the world, and in Japan their installation work was exhibited at the Japan Media Arts Festival in 2021. This time around, however, will be the first time for them to present their live performance work.
“Ljós” is an interactive live media performance that combines dance and digital art. It all begins in a space of darkness and light, reminiscent of a cosmos where countless stars come to life. The data from movements of an aerial performer at center stage is collected and processed in real time to influence the images on the screen behind it. The intriguing images that change moment by moment combined with the fantastic landscape created by the well-trained body will transport the audience to a new reality. A 20-minute journey of unknown sensations, living at the interface between digital sphere and real life.

  • 12.10 [Sat] 14:30 / 18:30
  • 12.11 [Sun] 14:30 / 18:30
@Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse No.1 3rd floor hall

Fee:500yen ※Please pay at the door.
(No reservation is needed)
  • Direction, Executive Production: Mattia Carretti, Luca Camellini
  • Dancer and Choreographer: Elena Annovi
  • Direction&Edition:fuse*
  • Cinematographer:Laurent Preyale
  • Production: fuse*
  • Co-organizer: Italian Cultural Institute
  • Software Supervisor: Luca Camellini
  • Software Development: Paolo Bonacini
  • Sound Design: Riccardo Bazzoni
  • Dancer and Choreographer: Elena Annovi
  • Production Management: Filippo Aldovini
  • Representation: Sozo Artists, Inc. +1 917 791 3680


A multidisciplinary art studio co-founded and directed by Luca Camellini and Mattia Carretti in Italy in 2007. Contemplating the relationship between light, space, sound, and movement, the studio brings together sound designers, software developers, creative coders, designers, performers, and production teams to explore new art forms using digital technology.
They have exhibited live media installations and staged performances in art spaces, festivals, and theaters around the world, and have received numerous awards, including the Digital Design Award and the German Design Award for “Dökk”. They exhibited the audiovisual installation “Artificial Botany” at the 2021 Japan Media Arts Festival. The fusion of the traditional highly refined aesthetic sense of Italy and the latest digital technology makes fuse*’s works truly unique.