fuse* “Dökk”

© Enrico Maria Bertani

“Dökk” (Icelandic for “darkness”), completed three years after the release of “Ljós”, is an interactive live media opera that has been performed around the world.
The key concept is the synchronicity and unpredictability of human existence. The dancer weaves a symbolic story as she goes through darkness and light. Using holograms in addition to the background screen, the dancer’s body is fully enveloped in images. Sounds, movements, and heartbeats on stage are converted into data, affecting the images in real time. In addition, a newly developed system analyzes the sentiments surrounding social media trends in the outside world, and this data is also translated to impact the images on stage. The fiction inside the theater and the reality outside connect, bringing us “Dökk”.
“Advanced technology is the key for artists to acquire new languages and forms of expression” says the fuse* team, “and art and technology have always been closely related.” This comprehensive 21st century piece of art, born in the same country that gave us da Vinci, is a one-night-only performance not to be missed!

  • 12.14 [Wed] 19:00
@Yokohama Civic Culture Hall (Kannai Hall) Large Hall
  • Direction and Executive Production: Mattia Carretti, Luca Camellini
  • Concept: Mattia Carretti
  • Performer, Choreographer: Elena Annovi

  • Production: fuse*
  • Co-organizer: Italian Cultural Institute

  • Software Supervision: Luca Camellini
  • Software: Paolo Bonacini, Matteo Mestucci, Samuel Pietri
  • Sound Design: Riccardo Bazzoni
  • Hardware Design: Matteo Mestucci
  • Production Management: Filippo Aldovini
  • Support for Concept Development: Giulia Caselli
  • Scientific Consultant: Margherita Carretti
  • Collaborators: Mark van de Korput, Clizia Welker, Enrico Viola
  • Light Engineering: Marcello Marchi

  • Dökk is developed using openFrameworks and powered by NOITOM’s Perception Neuron MOCAP system.
    fuse* acknowledges the help of the Virgo Consortium for making the EAGLE simulation data available.
    In collaboration with La Corte Ospitale – Progetto residenziale 2016

  • Representation: Sozo Artists, Inc. +1 917 791 3680


A multidisciplinary art studio co-founded and directed by Luca Camellini and Mattia Carretti in Italy in 2007. Contemplating the relationship between light, space, sound, and movement, the studio brings together sound designers, software developers, creative coders, designers, performers, and production teams to explore new art forms using digital technology.
They have exhibited live media installations and staged performances in art spaces, festivals, and theaters around the world, and have received numerous awards, including the Digital Design Award and the German Design Award for “Dökk”. They exhibited the audiovisual installation “Artificial Botany” at the 2021 Japan Media Arts Festival. The fusion of the traditional highly refined aesthetic sense of Italy and the latest digital technology makes fuse’s works truly unique.