Movers Platform JP1

Photo:Ohno Ryusuke

Movers Platform is a group of “movers” with a variety of dance experience, including contemporary, modern, and street dance, who explore and develop unique movements. It is a new platform (base for activities) proposed by Umeda that recognizes the values that led to the creation of the next generation, i.e., “movement itself”, without the goal of creating or practicing choreography.
First launched as a collaborative project with Taiwan in 2020, performed in Yokohama in 2021, and in Greece in 2022, this piece has boasted multiple showings, all curated by Umeda. The appeal of “Movers Platform” is to leave cultural context behind and encounter dance in the rough, reduced to pure desire for movement. There is a thrill and pleasure in discovering unexpected movements and fresh forms created by the unique movers, and the audience feels a unique resonance as they are drawn into the high quality movements that appear on stage one after another.

  • 12.16 [Fri] 17:00
  • 12.17 [Sat] 17:00
  • Director: Umeda Hiroaki
  • Performer:AYUMI, Otsuka Ikumi, Onaya Rion, Kojiri Kenta, Suzuki Yu, Chika-J, Nakamura Yuki, Hayashida Kairi, YULI
  • Planning and production: S20
梅田宏明 Photo:Tarumi Aya

Umeda Hiroaki

Choreographer, dancer, and visual artist from Tokyo. After studying photography, he broadened his interest in physical expression and independently pursued cross-disciplinary dance art, incorporating visual art and digital expression without the shackles of any specific method. He began presenting works in 2000, and the piece he presented at the YDC 2002 “while going to a condition” received international acclaim. Since then, he has performed as well as created installations focusing on human physical senses in more than 150 cities throughout 40 countries, including France. Also involved in sound, video, and lighting design, Umeda’s work is highly acclaimed in the context of visual art for his methods of combining original movement and digital technology,
In April 2022, Umeda became the first resident choreographer of Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse No. 1, one of Japan’s leading dance centers, where he creates, performs, and promotes dance with new ideas.